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Covid RT-PCR Test

Overview of Covid RT-PCR Test

In 18 Cities across India

Actual Price: Rs. 1400, Price as below (varies based on State government) Rs.650 to 1200

Aurangabad - Rs.700
Bangalore - Rs.700
Chennai - Rs.1200
Delhi - Rs.700
Gurgaon - Rs.700
Hayderbad - Rs.1200
Kolkata - Rs.900
Latur - Rs.700
Lucknow - Rs.900
Mumbai/Thane - Rs.700
Nagpur - Rs.700
Nashik - Rs.700
Noida - Rs.900
palghar - Rs.700
Patna - Rs.900
Pune - Rs.700

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Advantages of Covid-19 RTPCR Test :

Covid-19 RTPCR Test to check if a person is currently infected with Covid-19 virus or not. This test is to check if a person is Covid-19 positive or not.

Presently we provide Home service in above 18 cities across India.

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Booking Procedure :

Fill up the Form with Name of patient, Age, Address etc.

Payment Procedure :

Online/Payment gateway. Cash not accepted.

Test Reports Delivery :

Soft copy reports on Email within 48 hrs.

Test Recommended for Male/Female:

To Check if you are presetnly Coronavirus Positive or Not.

Sample Required :

Swab samples from Nose/Throat.

Exclusive Service and Reporting managed by :

Thyrocare Technologies Limited - India's first and most advanced Totally Automated NABL/ICMR/CAP/ISO certified Laboratory providing Accurate Reports with Top rated Quality service since 1995.

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Cash is not accepted. You need to make Online payment. Payment link will be sent once the appointment is fixed.

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