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Is Thyrocare Good & Reliable? Pros, Cons & Review Discussed

Is Thyrocare Good & Reliable? Pros, Cons & Review Discussed

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2021-07-28

On a pan-India basis, Thyrocare has long established itself as a visionary organization combining state-of-the-art medical technology coupled with a customer-centric focus that has made them the game-changers in this field. It holds the reputation of being a reliable, creditable, and advanced diagnostic medical center in this country. Thyrocare was the first IT-enabled pathology laboratory that sold full-body medical and wellness packages in practically every region of the country.

Is Thyrocare Good & Reliable? Pros, Cons & Review Discussed

Is Thyrocare good?

In terms of accreditations, it is accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) for the global standards of Quality in laboratory processing. An association with the brand Aarogyam saw a comprehensive preventive care and wellness profile launched with several healthcare packages. The cost range for any of these packages varies from basic to moderate to expensive depending on the number of tests it contains. So, the question that gets asked is - is thyrocare reliable? The answer is a big, resounding yes!

Thyrocare sets a standard of selling not only expensive test packages but also the facilities of a LDL-bad cholesterol test or thyroid test at affordable costs, thus making their market penetration complete even at the grassroots level. However, even with a pedigree such as this as an organization, there are some pros and cons to consider:


- As a diagnostic lab that owns the next-level medical technology Thyrocare undoubtedly occupies a unique role in the market.
- The turnaround time (TAT) for test results is considered to be the shortest here
- For two decades Thyrocare has maintained a credible and professional reputation that is second to none
- Facilities like free home sample collection for senior citizens and even for those who cannot go to a pathology lab for any other reason, are made available here
- The access and availability of online test reports are given soon after at Thyrocare

- Unlike other nearby diagnostic center, even expensive services like a full body checkup with vitamin are available for eight hundred and fifty rupees only, thus, making it very affordable for the general populace at large. This is possible because Thyrocare does not pay commission to doctors. This is why blood test rates are lower than others.
- One of the main branches of Thyrocare is located in Mumbai which provides the availability of 24/7 functional facilities along with various other products and services.


- Despite having such a wide reach, at Thyrocare, there are very few labs visiting options available. This is why even the samples are collected from the homes of customers by a specialist.
- As it is an individual who collects samples from houses, there may be concerns regarding the punctuality of the collection as people may not be well versed with the directions of residential areas.
- In some regions, the sample collection facilities are not operational on Sundays, thus giving a bit of a handicap in case of any emergencies that may potentially occur on a Sunday.
- As each of the samples is sent to Mumbai for the diagnosis and to ensure absolutely no errors, the test report sometimes tends to arrive too late.

Review of Thyrocare Lab

As an organization, Thyrocare has built its reputation on a sounding board of trust, professionalism and by providing the best facilities to their customers at highly affordable rates. It has proven itself to be a leader on several counts. Yet, a glance at some of the thyrocare lab reviews on websites like Glassdoor may reveal a slightly less illustrious picture. Here are some statics at first glance:
- Its overall rating today stands at 2.6
- 31% of its customer base would recommend to a friend
- 53% are the approval ratings for the CEO

It does not involve any degree of imagination to see that these numbers fall in the average to below-average category. An in-depth review of thyrocare lab clearly shows that its main customers; its people are not too happy with some of the operational functions at the organization. There seem to be grave concerns expressed about ergonomically-aligned facilities like canteen, transportation, leaves, etc.

Experienced candidates are told not to join Thyrocare as an organization if they have other options to explore. Job security seems to be a concern as people are claiming to get fired at a moment's notice. During the Covid pandemic, the organization is said to have made a profit of 700 crores. However, no increment was given to employees despite a work from home model being adopted for a majority of the team.

Thyrocare is considered to be a good company for freshers. People in their first job can cut their teeth here in terms of experience, exposure, and management. It is said to prepare one well in terms of what corporate life encompasses along with personal growth and interpersonal skills.

The Management needs to make sure these plus points are converted on a larger scale so that their internal team members are more vociferous about the positives in a public space as well. A better work-life balance with a more employee-centric approach would work wonders.

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Any organization no matter how well funded and established with an impeccable pedigree cannot survive without a committed, loyal and professional team. While there is no doubt Thyrocare will always be regarded as a pioneer in terms of medical diagnostic lab services and facilities, it would be able to grow its business exponentially if there is a slight shift towards taking care of its people. The best advertisement an organization can hope to have is its own satisfied and loyal customers. This kind of organic publicity is worth its weight in gold and can never be bought.

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