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Why one should focus more on preventive care rather than sick care

Why one should focus more on preventive care rather than sick care?

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2021-01-27

In today's fast-paced, ultra-modern and constantly changing lifestyles, most urban professionals lead a high-maintenance as well as a highly stressed life, which is why a lot of seemingly mundane aspects tend to be outsourced by people with greater disposable income like getting their cars regularly serviced, pest control at home and even walking their dogs.

Why one should focus more on preventive care rather than sick care

A lot of these are affordable and according to most people help in overall time management as well. However, this same due diligence seems to be lacking when it comes to the most important aspect of an individual's life their body and their health.

Why is that so?

The most common perception being that with a higher earning capacity but less time on one's hands, people can hire someone else to take care of the car or the house or the dog. But it doesn't work that way with one's health. Sure, one could pay to consult doctors and other health professionals, but for regular preventive and curative health care monitoring, it is important to go for regular preventive health checkups. There are comprehensive packages, regarding the same, which are made available by several medical institutions.

Thyrocare Lab is India's pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) enabled organization whose work consists of fundamentally diagnosing and preventing diseases in the first place. Prevention is far more effective and far less expensive than cure.

When health issues are prevented from the start, it helps in maintaining a longer and far more qualitative duration of life. Health care packages that are focussed on the prevention of illnesses are vitally important as it directly links to a financial situation in the individual's life also. The earlier an illness is detected the less severe it may potentially be and thus the money spent in treating it or adopting a preventive care plan would be far lesser than if it was detected in a serious stage.

By empowering people to take charge of their health and understanding the importance of Preventive health care measures, can significantly lower the amount of money spent on medicines, and operations.

Book Preventive Health Checkup Package

The cost of any preventive health checkup packages in hospitals tend to be potentially huge which every ordinary person cannot afford. Thyrocare Aarogyam packages help to match the inequality gap between people and encourage all ethnicities and genders to go for Thyrocare preventive health checkup package.

If we can move 1 percent of the amount that we spend annually on healthcare and direct that towards preventive health checkups, we could drop healthcare costs. This is exactly why Thyrocare is focused on Preventive care rather than Sick care. It's a movement. Let all of us come together and take part in this Preventive health care movement.

It's time to put one's money where it can do the best, on preventive care rather than sick care. Thyrocare new model for promoting preventive health care and wellness, will succeed in helping Indians live happier, healthier lives.

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