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Urinary Microalbumin Test

Overview of Urinary Microalbumin Test

No of parameters: 1 Test

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Advantages of Urinary Microalbumin Test :

Urinary Microalbumin test or urinary microalbuminuria is a simple Urine Test to detect very small levels of a blood protein (albumin) in your urine. Its is used to detect early signs of kidney damage in people who are at risk of developing kidney disease. This test checks the kidney functions, as in case of normally functioning kidneys, albumins are not spilled into the urine. Henceforth, presence of albumin in urine is a marker for kidney dysfunction. A urine microalbumin test is a test to identify tiny levels of a blood protein (albumin) in your urine. A microalbumin test is utilized to identify early indications of kidney damage in individuals who are in danger of developing kidney illness. Book this Microalbumin test Today!.

Urinary Microalbumin Test

Test Recommended for :

Male / Female of Age 15-99 years

Exclusive Service and Reporting managed by :

Thyrocare Technologies Limited - India's first and most advanced Totally Automated NABL/ICMR/CAP/ISO certified Laboratory providing Accurate Reports with Top rated Quality service since 1995.

Booking Procedure :

Fill up the Form with your Name, Age, Address etc. You will receive booking confirmaton within 2-3 hrs.

Payment Procedure :

Online once you receive Booking confirmation. Once the payment is received your Order will be executed. Cash payment is not accepted due to Covid pandemic.

Test Reports Delivery :

Soft copy reports on Email within 2-3 days. Hard copy (if opted) within 7-8 days by courier.

Precautions :

Not required.

Sample Required :

Only Urine sample (approx 10ml). Free sample collection from Home/Office.

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FAQs on Kidney function Test

What is the normal range for urinary microalbumin creatinine ratio?

A urinary microalbumin creatinine ratio is actually albumin (mcg/L) to creatinine (mg/L) and should be under 30 under normal circumstances; A urinary microalbumin range of 30-300 implies microalbuminuria.

What happens if microalbumin is high?

If your microalbumin creatinine ratio shows albumin in your pee, you might get tested again to affirm the outcomes. If your outcomes keep on showingalbumin in pee, it might mean you have beginning phase kidney disease.

What is normal urine for microalbumin creatinine ratio?

An ordinary urinary microalbumin normal range in your urine is under 30 mg/g.

What causes high microalbumin in urine?

Presence of microalbumin in your urine likewise may mean you are at a higher danger for coronary disease. More significant levels of microalbumin may likewise be brought by presence of blood in your urine .

What does microalbumin in urine indicate?

A urine microalbumin test is a test to identify tiny levels of a blood protein (albumin) in your urine. A microalbumin test is utilized to identify early indications of kidney damage.

What are symptoms of high albumin levels?

Symptoms of these illnesses include:
Yellowish skin (jaundice)
Sluggishness (exhaustion)
Weight reduction.
Regurgitating and loose bowels.
Dull pee or dim, pale stools.
Pain underneath the right ribs, including the stomach region.
Tenderness beneath your right ribs.

What foods reduce albumin in urine?

The diet emphasizes fruits and vegetables, yet moreover foods with low fat dairy and whole grains, nuts, reducing fats and sweets .

What level of urine creatinine indicates kidney failure?

A creatinine level of more than 1.2 for ladies and more than 1.4 for men might be an early sign that the kidneys are not working as expected.

How much creatinine is normal in urine?

Normal urine creatinine values for the most part range from 955 to 2,936 milligrams (mg) each 24 hours for males.

What are the Symptoms of high levels of urinary microalbumin ?

Microalbuminuria doesn't cause symptoms for the most part. Symptoms just become observable once the harm to the kidneys is extreme and the degrees of albumin are exceptionally high. At the point when symptoms happen, they include:
Swelling in the lower legs, hand, or face
Foamy urine
Swelling around the eyelids
Different symptoms highlighting kidney dysfunction .

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