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Single Body part CT scan / Full Body PET CT Scan

Overview of Single Body part CT scan / Whole Body PET-CT Scan

Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore

Single Body part CT scan in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyd, Bangalore: Rs. 4000 Offer Price Rs. 2000

Full Body PET CT Scan in Mumbai, Hyderabad: Rs. 25000 Offer Price Rs. 15000

Full Body PET CT Scan in Delhi: Rs. 25000 Offer Price Rs. 12000

Full Body PET CT Scan in Bangalore: Rs. 25000 Offer Price Rs. 18000

Diseases like cancer are now so pervasive that doctors have felt the constant need to recommend a PET-CT scan, a diagnostic imaging test primarily to detect several ailments. The Positron emission tomography (PET)-CT scan is a test that performs the following two scans together:

PET Scan

This scan marks the most active cells in the body. During the test, doctors inject small doses of radioactive tracers into the patient. These tracers are immediately uptaken by the most active cancer cells in the body. Doctors then use the scan component to check for the presence of cancer, highlight and mark it for treatment.


CT Scan

The Computed Tomography scan (CT Scan) is performed along with a PET scan to evaluate the body as a whole for tests. Before the CT scan begins, the patients must take an oral contrast to drink. At times, the physicians also direct the patients to inject an intravenous contrast during the scan.

Thyrocare Technologies Ltd understands the seriousness of these scans and hence employs skilled professionals to do them. Since these scans must execute under the guidance of specialized lab technicians and experienced pathologists, you must adhere to the strict guidelines advised on our website.

Our patients rely on us for all kinds of PET-CT scans like:
Whole Body PET Scan
For Prostate
For Neuro-Endocrine Tumors
For Abdomen
For Cardiac Viability Assessment

You can conveniently book your appointment by filling in the details in our booking form, like name, age, address, and the information of the test recommended by your doctor. Next, wait for two to three days for confirmation of your booking appointment, after which you will need to make the payment online.

Our PET-CT whole body prices are reasonably low and vary as per the location. For example, our PET-CT scan cost in Delhi for a single body part is INR 2k, while for a full-body scan, it's INR 12k. Similarly, your average PET Scan cost in Hyderabad will be the same as for the Delhi region.

However, if you're residing in the Bangalore region, you will pay INR 2k more for a full-body PET-CT scan in Bangalore, unlike Delhi and Hyderabad.

Once you've made the payment, you get an email with your date of appointment. For safety reasons, avoid bringing your children and pregnant wife on your appointment day. Also, skip wearing loose clothes, metallic objects, jewelry, etc. Get this test done with the best offer on whole body pet CT scan price.

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