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Diabetic Check up

Diabetes is not a disease but a disorder, affecting 10% of the human population where body does not produce insulin or not utilized properly due to which glucose concentration remain high. This condition is called Diabetes.

How is Diabetic check up done ?

Diabetic check up is very simple Test. Diabetes is diagnosed by blood sugar test. Normally Blood sugar fasting and PP Test (after food) is taken to know sugar level before & after food. This can be done even with Glucometer.

But we do HbA1c Test which shows Average sugar of last 90 days. This gives broader picture of sugar level in patient. It is the ideal Test to measure the patients control over diabetes. The American Diabetes association advices this Test once in a year for Normal person. HbA1c Test is also called as Glycosylated haemoglobin test.


Health Checkup Packages


Benefits of doing Tests with us


Our rates are almost 50% less than other LAB..


No need to visit centre..


48 hrs by Email & Hard copy in 3-4 days by courier..


100% Accurate CAP accredited LAB..


Available in Major Town & cities..


Rs 5000 under Section 80D for preventive health checkup..

Booking Procedure

1. Select the Package & fill the above form with Name, Address, Mobile no.
2. Thyrocare agent will call you and fix an appointment
3. Blood samples will be collected from your residence. 10-12 hrs fasting is required.
4. You need to make the payment to Thyrocare when Technician comes to pick up the samples
5. Reports will be couriered in 3-4 days. Email reports within 48 hrs.

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