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Liver Kidney Check up

Liver & kidney are the most active & complex organ in the body and plays major role in metabolism of our body.

Liver check up is done with Liver function test or Liver profile (LFT)

Liver is known as body's chemical factory, sometimes converting complex molecules to simpler units and vice versa. It also makes energy by converting food we eat into proteins, fats and sugar.
Liver profile measures various molecules in the blood reflecting whether the liver has been functioning normally or not and thereby helping us to know if there is an inflammation or infection. These can help doctors to understand and assess the disorders of liver, gall bladder.

Liver Profile Tests details :

Kidney check up is done with Kidney function test or Renal profile (KFT)

Kidney is one of the most important organs in the body. It plays an imp role in maintaining the fluid and electrolyte balance by retaining the required substances and excreting undesired  substances in the form of Urine and thus maintaining PH for the optimum functioning of the body. Kidney function is disturbed by two major illness Diabetes & Hypertension. 

Renal Profile Tests details :

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