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Metabolic Screening Test

Reasons why one should undergo Metabolic Test


Metabolism is a process in the body that is least thought about. Errors in the metabolic processes have had a major impacts on the health of most of the population. Conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure are linked to disorders in the body's metabolism. Metabolic profiles give insight, and help detect imbalances in energy and its mechanisms in the body.

Metabolic Test



Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP Test)

Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP Test)

  • Vitamins (B12)
  • Lipid (8)
  • Thyroid (3)
  • Diabetes (2)
  • Iron Deficiency (3)
  • Electrolytes (2)
  • Toxic Elements (22)
  • Liver (11)
  • CBC Hemogram (24)
  • Kidney (5)
  • Vitamins (D3)
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP Test)
₹ 3170 ₹ 2200 35% off
Includes- 90 Parameters

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP Test)

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP Test)

  • Arthritis (1)
  • Metabolic
  • Lipid (8)
  • Thyroid (3)
  • Diabetes (2)
  • Iron Deficiency (3)
  • Electrolytes (3)
  • ELEMENTS (2)
  • Toxic Elements (22)
  • Liver (11)
  • CBC Hemogram (24)
  • Kidney (5)
  • Vitamins (14)
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP Test)
₹ 5000 ₹ 3000 40% off
Includes- 104 Parameters

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Thyrocare Metabolic Panel Test is a group of blood tests that measures several substances in your blood. Thyrocare Metabolic Profile gives your Doctor important information about the current status of your body's metabolism (hence the name is metabolic panel). Metabolism decides how the body uses food and energy.

Metabolic Panel Test Packages provide information on your blood sugar (glucose) levels, the balance of electrolytes and fluid, protein levels in the blood, as well as your kidneys and liver health. Strange outcomes, and particularly blends of unusual outcomes, can demonstrate an issue that should be tended to and may require extra testing.

Advantages of Thyrocare Metabolic profiles

Thyrocare's metabolic tests like the Metabolic profile A include a complete workup of all essential metabolic parameters of the human body. The test will check for:

  • Complete Hemogram or blood components like hemoglobin and platelet count
  • 9 types of vitamin levels
  • Magnesium, sodium, and phosphorous levels
  • Presence of toxic elements like arsenic, lead, cadmium, and more
  • Lipid profile
  • Liver and thyroid functionalities
  • Iron and element deficiencies
  • Diabetes

and more. In short, the metabolic profile test gives you a complete picture of your body's metabolic activity.

Why get the test done frequently?

The body's metabolic activity reduces in efficiency with age. A metabolism test measures the rate at which the body uses oxygen or burns calories. Hence, you should get a basic metabolic profile test done once you cross 35 years of age. This will help you monitor your body's functioning and take preventive measures on the slightest deviation of normalcy.

In general, periodic metabolic profiling reduces the risks of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, if you are prone to exposure to toxic elements, the test will help prevent further complications through early detection. Simple diet changes combined with the right medication can bring your metabolism back to normal and you can live a long and healthy life by just getting the metabolic profile tests done frequently.

Specific causes of metabolic imbalances

  • Lifestyle is currently the most common cause. A sedentary lifestyle almost always leads to metabolic imbalances
  • Diet is the next big reason. Processed foods contain a high amount of sodium causing imbalances in other elements
  • A family history of diabetes leads to imbalances. You run the risk of being insulin resistant and the Thyrocare metabolic test can reveal the disease early.
  • Other existing diseases like fatty liver and sleep apnea can cause metabolic imbalances
  • Ethnicity, along with age, also plays a crucial role

As obvious, most of the above causes are out of your direct control. Metabolic profiling offers a means to monitor your overall health and keep the onset of diseases at bay.

Advantages of Thyrocare Metabolic profiles

  • To evaluate the health of your organs and screen for conditions such as diabetes, liver and kidney disease
  • It provides important information about your body's chemical balance and metabolism.
  • Detect metabolic abnormality.

Get the metabolic profile test done

  • Thyrocare's metabolic profile test is safe, hygienic, and cost-effective
  • Recommended for people of all ages
  • Free home/office sample collection as per your convenience
  • Get the soft copy of the report in a matter of days
  • Skilled technicians who work to deliver accurate results
  • Hassle-free online booking and payment
  • Consult with your physician with the Metabolic profiling report and plan your way. Take the required supplements, change your diet, and live a healthy life.

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