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Healthcareontime Privacy Policy

This website, composed and managed by HEALTHCAREONTIME, contains information for people interested in purchase of Thyrocare Wellness Profiles. Entire content of the website has been gathered to the best of our knowledge and belief, with explicit permission from Thyrocare Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and the company endeavors to keep it up to date. In particular, we reserve the entire right to update and/or modify and/or remove this data anytime and without any prior notice. Please note that the company holds no responsibility for incorrect or no longer correct statements, quotes or descriptions and thereby excludes liability for any losses resulting from such wrong information.

Further, the company has every right to bring about legal action on people who misuse/alter/reproduce the content/ information available on the website.

Thyrocare Technologies Pvt. Ltd. logos used on the website are protected by international Trademark laws. As such, they are strictly the property of Thyrocare Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and third parties are not allowed to use them until and unless approved from the respective company. Pictures, Photos, Graphic Charts, Texts and Data published on the website may be used/ altered/ transferred/reproduced only with prior approval from Thyrocare Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Users of the website have an option to submit their non-sensitive personal information like name, contact information and their query to HEALTHCAREONTIME which is used to contact the requesting user with answers and more details in regards to the query submitted. The information submitted to book diagnostic tests described on the website, will be provided to Thyrocare Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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