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All India Diagnostic Centres

Our priority has always been good health, and hence we promise health care on time. At our diagnostic centers, we have facilities for all kinds of tests aimed at providing accurate information about your health conditions.

You can type 'diagnostic centers near me' or 'laboratories near me' or 'diagnosis lab near me' to find our fully functioning labs equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and certified pathologists carrying out various tests to ensure complete results. Our tools are at par with the latest tech-driven advances in the medical field. Check out our complete list of diagnostic centers across India below and click on your preferred location:

Karnataka Diagnostic Centres - Total 872 centres

Maharashtra Diagnostic Centres - Total 2701 centres

Our lab tests follow international quality compliance that includes more than 100 international quality procedures to choose and test samples for evaluation and diagnosis. At Thyrocare image diagnostic labs, you can browse through a wide range of full body checkup packages and choose from the comfort of your home.

You can opt for our 'Mini Health Checkup' package that covers primary screening of 28 tests ranging from thyroid profile, diabetes diagnosis, blood count including RBC and WBC, platelet count, and many more. Managed by an automated and certified laboratory, Thyrocare Technologies Limited boasts of being one of the best in town.

You can also opt for our various 'Aarogyam' tests by simply searching for 'diagnostic labs near me' on the search engine. Just mention the kind of tests you are looking for, choose the package, and you will find our staff duly available at your doorstep to provide you unmatched quality of service.

We advise you to opt for our full body check-up packages that we avail to our customers at reasonable rates. Moreover, in this age of increasing pollution and the commonality of various diseases, it is worthwhile to check for any potentially damaging disease that you may be suffering from or disorder that you may be affected with. This saves you from the pain of being afflicted with an advanced stage of the disease difficult to be cured of.

Our whole range of tests underscores the need to assess your actual physiological condition and evaluate your health accordingly. Also, with the help of our experienced doctors and clinical specialists, we can advise you on precautionary measures and treatment options to prevent the escalation of your health problems.

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