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Why are Lab Tests Required?

Over the years, we have taken our health for granted. However, a sedentary lifestyle with an intermix of junk and adulterated food has worsened the situation for almost every individual. In such scenarios, getting a thorough lab test becomes crucial. 

When you’re required to go for a lab test, your healthcare professional will usually take a sample of your blood, urine, stool, or other substance. This helps in highlighting information regarding your health and deriving a thorough diagnosis of your condition.

 More than 7 billion lab tests are conducted in the US alone. These pathology tests are crucial in monitoring underlying diseases and effective treatment options. Moreover, getting a pathology test doesn’t always have to depend on an occasion of poor health. You can get yourself checked at any pathology lab near you to get general insights about your bodily functions.

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6 Factors to Consider while Choosing a Pathology Lab Near Me

While choosing a pathology lab near you, these are the top 6 factors that you must consider:

  • Latest Equipment: A good pathology lab near you should be clean and furnished with the latest amenities. All medical tools and accessories should be the latest to ensure pathology tests happen seamlessly. It also ensures that every patient gets the best medical care.
  • Check for Accreditations: Always check the credentials of your chosen pathology laboratory. Only accredited labs (either by the Government or a private medical board) should perform pathology tests to ensure that the tests are conducted under expert supervision.

  • Accurate Reports: You must choose a pathology lab that's known to provide accurate reports in minimal time. False test reports can result in an incorrect diagnosis, which may worsen your medical condition and trigger ailments that never existed before.

  • Experience of the Staff: Another vital sign that can help you choose the correct pathology lab. Check the online reviews of your selected lab and ensure that the professionals are well-trained and experienced. , They must understand the know-how and ensure test administration and report accuracy.

  • Wide Portfolio of Tests: A reputed pathology lab must cater to various tests, including blood, urine, X-ray scans, and more. The absence of necessary tests from the portfolio can indicate poor infrastructure and operations.

  • Health packages: Any authentic path lab will always have comprehensive health packages for the entire family. These packages for all age groups (children, women, and senior citizens) can act as a good reminder for you to trust the lab or avoid it.

Just because a patho lab near you provides a healthcare package at a discounted rate doesn't mean that its reputation precedes its cost. Base your judgment on popular referrals, no matter the pricing, to avail accurate results that prove to be a game-changer for your health issues.

Having understood the different factors to consider while choosing a pathological lab near you, time to learn about the various pathology tests.

What are the Various Types of Pathology Tests? A Detailed Insight

If it's your first time getting a pathology test, you might be wondering which ones to consider. You can refer to the below-mentioned lab tests, including a full-body checkup, to get detailed insights into your bodily functions:

  • Blood Tests: A blood test gives detailed insights into your Red Blood Cell (RBC) count, White Blood Cell (WBC) count, and plasma and platelet count, among other things. For example, if you're going in for a blood test, opt for a CBC (Complete Blood Count) test at a pathology lab near you to get information on all required verticals related to your blood.
  • Urine & Stool Tests: To learn about any abnormalities in your regular body functions, your healthcare professional might also recommend getting a urine and stool test. To perform the test, you can get a sterilized cup and transfer your bodily fluids and excreta into the container. Once done, deposit them at the nearest pathology lab and get your test results within a day.
  • Liver Function Tests: Doctors might suggest a Liver Function Test (LFT) if they notice you're having trouble releasing bodily fluids. Simultaneously, your healthcare professional might want to check the enzyme count in the liver and pancreas to see if everything is normal or not.
  • Thyroid Function Tests: An abnormal thyroid can bring sudden changes in your body, including abrupt weight gain/loss, change in your appetite, anxiety, irritability, and more. If you notice any such signs, undertake a Thyroid Function Test today.
  • Mantoux Tests: This test is crucial if your healthcare professional feels you might have Tuberculosis.
  • COVID RT PCR Tests: Since the pandemic, all pathology labs have been equipped with proper medical tools to conduct a COVID RT PCR test. Usually, you get the test reports in less than 24 hours, which is beneficial for anyone with symptoms or traveling and thus need a medical clearance certificate for verification.
  • Full Body Tests: You can always choose from a range of full-body health packages covering more than 25 pathology tests. These packages help you learn everything about your body and allow the experts to safeguard you from possible diseases & their aftereffects. According to experts, you must get a full-body checkup once every quarter or half-yearly. 

What are Screening and Diagnostic Tests?

While getting different types of pathology tests at your nearest clinic, you might come across screening and diagnostic tests by your healthcare professional. To understand the difference between the two, you can consider the following factors: 

  • A screening test is a routine procedure you undergo when you have no symptoms. It can help find possible abnormalities and further facilitate a diagnosis on the reports.

    Diagnostic tests, on the contrary, are conducted to investigate existing health symptoms in the body.
  • A screening test is a preliminary procedure that encompasses various eligibility criteria like age, sex, and medical history. You might undertake a screening test randomly at the suggestion of your healthcare providers.

On the other hand, doctors perform diagnostic tests only when your screening tests indicate health concerns or problems in your bodily functions.

  • You need no copayments (a specific amount covered by your insurance) for screening tests, but they are necessary during diagnostic tests.

You must have a referral from your healthcare provider for both test categories. Moreover, you must also speak to your insurance company to learn what tests your medical insurance policy (like Mediclaim) covers and how cost-effective it gets if you're undertaking a series of pathology tests.

5 Things to Consider Before Going for a Lab Test

Now that you're aware of the dos and don'ts while choosing a good pathology lab, you should also look at considering a few factors before walking into a lab for your tests:

  • If you're going for any of the below-mentioned pathology tests, you must start your day with an empty stomach to avoid affecting your test results. According to the experts, there should be a gap of at least 8-hours between your last food intake and your lab visit. The tests include:
  • Fasting sugar tests
  • Urine tests
  • Liver function tests
  • Metabolic panel tests
  • USG of the abdomen
  • Cholesterol tests
  • Always carry your complete medical record whenever you visit a pathology lab. It might come in handy if your doctor wants to learn about your previous medical history; for example, check if you've ever been on any medication. These records also help them determine what tests you can undertake if you suffer a recurring ailment.

  • If you're undergoing medication for an existing health problem, you must discontinue it at least 1-2 days before your lab test appointment. Always consult your doctor for assistance and to understand why it's crucial to do so.

  • If you are expecting, had a miscarriage, suffer from diabetes, or have undergone similar disorders, let your doctor know so they can suggest the best pathology test for your problem.

  • Always keep your healthcare professional informed about your lifestyle choices, diet, and other aspects before taking a lab test.

NABL Accreditation: Meaning, Importance, & How It Is Enforced

If you're wondering whether the pathology lab near you is accredited or not, look for its NABL accreditation. The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) provides accreditations to all pathology centers across India. 

Unless authorized by this board, the pathology lab cannot practice or perform lab tests, which is illegal as per law.

A NABL accreditation is important for any pathology laboratory because:

  • Accredited pathology labs guarantee accurate test results and optimal medical care.

  • Post accreditation by NABL, they can expect an increase in business with satisfied customers around the year.

  • If the pathology lab is a part of a known group, it can further expand and gain recognition within India and worldwide.

  • NABL accreditation doesn't leave much room for these pathology centers to commit errors in testing and reporting. They have better operational control, which minimizes the probable chances of getting a retest.

  • Every NABL-accredited pathology lab comes equipped with state-of-the-art medical tools and technology to assist in different lab tests & their requirements.

  • NABL-accredited pathology labs have reduced costs on bulk testing facilities.

Typically, a NABL accreditation lasts for two years, after which the pathology laboratory can renew it. For renewal, the center must apply at www.nablwp.qci.org.in, after which the NABL assessment team gets in touch to verify the details and approve the accreditation.

What Makes HealthcareOnTime Your Best Choice for Pathology Tests? 

Whether you wish to get screening tests done or are suffering from a health problem and want to get yourself checked, HealthcareOnTime is your best choice to get all your pathology tests done.

Equipped with free home sample collection facilities, they cater to all your pathology test needs, including blood and urine tests. They are affordable, available in PAN India, and have a quick turnaround time for delivering test reports.

All their test centers assure you of the high-quality customer service and accuracy of the lab reports irrespective of the test you wish to undertake with them.

So, book your appointment with them today to get credible lab reports conducted by experts in the industry.

FAQs on Thyrocare

1. What is thyrocare?

Thyrocare is the premier medical diagnostic chain of centres. Over the years, the brand of thyrocare Aarogyam has established itself across India, and parts of Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Middle East. Its service centres operate on a 24/7 operational model across most metropolitan cities in India.

2. What are the factors which have contributed to the credibility regarding thyrocare pathology test?

The labs and service centres boast state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge equipment, and the intellectual backing of some of the most brilliant minds in the medical spectrum. Hence most thyrocare packages tend to be the final word in getting medical tests done.

3. What is the first testing that was done at most thyrocare pathology labs near me?

One of the first testings, which gained prominence was the thyroid tests.

4. How many other tests are conducted overall in conjunction with thyrocare Aarogyam?

The centres carry out approximately 200 tests and 50 odd profiles. The set consists of different tests for preventive care and holistic wellness.

5. How do the facilities cater to the entire family's well-being?

Several packages across centres cater to the health and well-being of the entire family, for example, the Master plan that comprises one hundred and thirty-three tests. Also, there are specialised tests for senior citizens to help them recover from diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

6. How is holistic wellness incorporated into these services?

Unlike other medical testing and diagnostic centres that rely only on regular medicines, Thyrocare focuses more on the concept of holistic wellness and nutrition. The service allows for consultations on the food and dietary requirements of individuals. One great example is the Food Intolerance + Aarogyam C package, which consists of two hundred and eighty-five tests.

7. How many tests does the basic paleo package consist of?

The basic paleo package consists of eighty-three tests.

8. What does a basic Arthritis profile consist of?

A basic Arthritis profile consisting of sixty-three tests aims to prevent and control the aforementioned degenerative issue.

9. What are some factors which set these services apart from other players in the same field?

Some factors which set these centres apart from others are that all over India, this medical service provider is equipped with a 24/7 contact facility which sets it apart from other service providers. Packages like Master health checkups, preventative health checkups, and obesity checkups are now made available to most of the general population at very economical rates. There is also free home sample collection done no matter which residential locality asks for it.

10. What is the operational policy behind the success of thyrocare medical and diagnostic facilities?

The primary concept is being able to penetrate at the very basic grassroots levels is to make general and even specialised healthcare available for all. Not just a select privileged few. This is why the experts here focus on complete holistic wellness rather than only diagnostic aspects and disease prevention..

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