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Thyrocare lab - Frequently Asked questions

Which samples and how much qty are required to conduct Preventive health checkup ?

  • Unique concept - Thyrocare operates with a Centralized Processing Laboratory (CPL) in Mumbai - India for esoteric tests; and Regional Processing Laboratory in major metro cities of India and other parts of Asia.

Do we need to come to your centre ?

  • No, not required. We will send our Technician to your place to collect samples.

What time do your technician comes to our place ?

  • As per your time convenience. Generally in morning time since 10-12 hrs fasting is required.

Do we get additional discount if there are more members in family ?

  • No, All our packages are heavily discounts & further concession is not possible on any package.

Do you conduct Stress Test/X ray too ?

  • No, we are a Pathology Lab & we conduct Blood Tests only. Physical examination we do not undertake.

How & when do we get Reports ?

  • Reports will be Emailed to you within 48 hrs & also you will get Hard copy by courier within 3 to 4 days.

Do you have Doctors whom we can do consultation of reports ?

  • No, Our reports will have reference range for each Test result. There will be Normal range & Actual value column. So as a layman you will come to know whether your values are within the range. If all values are in range then report is normal & no need to show to doctor. If there are any abnormal values then you can consult with your Family / local doctor.

Is your Lab reports accepted by Doctors ?

  • Thyrocare is a renowned name in WELLNESS industry. Laboratory is certified by NABL & ISO. As well as its CAP certified which is highest accreditation in the industry.

How are the samples carried to LAB ?

  • Once the samples are collected from your residence blood & serum are separated & taken to LAB in temperature controlled & air pack containers called chiller bag. All precautions are taken so that the integrity of samples is maintained.

How do we make payment and do you give bill ?

  • Cash Payment has to be made to same Technician who comes to your place to collect samples. He will provide you receipt too.

What is the benefit by doing Tests with Healthcareontime ?

  • The Health checkup packages that we offer in association with Thyrocare are priced 50% less than market price. Other benefit is Home service. We provide Free home service PAN India within city limits.

Why are Healthcareontime / Thyrocare rates cheaper than other competitors ?

  • The prime reason is we do not offer any cut commission to referring Doctors or Health service provider. Our rates are for B2C where direct consumer is involved. We are basically passing on this margin to customers, due to which client gets the package at cheaper rates.

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