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Fasting Insulin Test

Overview of Insulin Test

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Insulin is a hormone that is secreted into our bloodstream by our pancreas. The hormone travels the entire length of our body and enables our muscles, liver, and fat to absorb glucose from the blood that enters the stream from the food we eat. Low insulin levels in the blood prevent our cells from absorbing glucose, thus raising the sugar levels.

High insulin levels cause the cells to absorb more glucose than necessary, triggering insulin shock. Thyrocare test packages thus include an insulin test package to check blood insulin levels because any imbalance can trigger a preventable disease.

Advantages of Insulin Test :

Insulin Fasting Test is a simple blood Test to check insulin levels in the blood and to diagnose diabetes. It can also monitor the treatment of abnormal insulin levels and insulin resistance. A fasting insulin level test is vital in identifying Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Doctors generally prescribe this test to individuals with prediabetes, diabetes, polycystic ovarian disorder, heart sicknesses, metabolic condition, etc. So, if you suffer from any of these diseases, Book your Insulin Fasting Test Today!.


When should you get an insulin test done?

Look out for the following symptoms of insulin imbalance in your body:

  • Chronic fatigue that has lasted for more than a few days
  • Frequently feeling hungry or thirsty
  • Need to urinate more often than normal
  • Hands and feet developing tingling sensations
  • Frequent infections that take a long time to heal
  • Almost constant feeling of hunger even after heavy meals

Avoid self-diagnosing insulin imbalance. The wrong medication can prove fatal. Get a test done immediately at the best insulin test price from Thyrocare and carry the report to a certified physician. The blood report will help the doctor diagnose type 1 or type 2 diabetes or high levels of insulin in your blood.

Risks of not treating insulin imbalance

Insulin is a vital hormone in our bodies that enables our cells to get the required energy to carry out healthy metabolism. An insulin imbalance cuts off the fuel supply to all our vital organs, and the results can be devastating. If left undiagnosed, insulin imbalance can cause:

  • Insulin shock-induced coma or diabetic coma
  • Frequent life-threatening infections
  • Damage organs like kidney, liver, and the brain
  • Sudden loss of consciousness, seizures, and even loss of life

No amount of insulin imbalance can thus be kept untreated. If you have a family history of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, get an insulin test done periodically to monitor the onset of insulin imbalance. Thyrocare???s fasting insulin test cost is economical and cost-effective. You can get the insulin test done once every six months and keep consulting with your doctor to maintain the correct insulin level in your blood.

Test Recommended for :

Male / Female of Age 15-99 years

Exclusive Service and Reporting managed by :

Thyrocare Technologies Limited - India's first and most advanced Totally Automated NABL/ICMR/CAP/ISO certified Laboratory providing Accurate Reports with Top-rated Quality service since 1995.

Booking Procedure :

Fill up the form with your Name, Age, Address, etc. You will receive a booking confirmation within 2-3 hrs.

Payment Procedure :

Online once you receive a booking confirmation. Once the payment is received, your Order gets executed. We do not accept Cash payments due to the Covid pandemic.

Test Reports Delivery :

Soft copy reports on Email within 2-3 days. Hard copy (if opted) within 7-8 days by courier.

Precautions :

10-12 hrs fasting required.

Sample Required :

Only Blood sample (approx 5ml). Free sample collection from Home/Office.

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FAQs on Insulin Test

Why do I need an insulin in blood test?

You might require an insulin blood test on the off chance that you have manifestations of low glucose. The symptoms of the condition include:
Irregular heartbeat
Obscured vision
Outrageous appetite

What is an insulin level test?

Insulin level test known as Fasting Insulin is a type of blood test that helps learn the insulin levels in the blood. Insulin imbalance can cause a range of diseases like Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and an insulin level test can diagnose these conditions and manage them effectively.

How many hours do I need to fast before the test?

You must fast for around 8-10 hours before the test.

How does insulin resistance affect blood sugar levels?

Insulin resistance is when cells in your muscles, fat, and liver don't react well to insulin and can't utilize glucose from your blood for energy.

What is the insulin blood test normal range ?

Normal Reference Range 2.6 - 24.9 ??U/mL

What is the Function Of Insulin?

One significant function of insulin worth noting is that it is vital for ideal energy metabolism and ensures long, sound life.

What is the primary role of insulin in the body?

The pancreas secretes insulin, which permits glucose to enter the body's cells to give energy.

What foods reduce insulin levels?

The Diabetes Council prescribe eating the accompanying food varieties to keep insulin and glucose levels low:
peanut butter
slow-cooked cereal.

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