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Covid-19 Test and Covid Antibody Test

Covid-19 RT-PCR Test

The third wave of Covid-19 is already knocking at our doors. The first and second waves of the disease left many sick and bereft of their families. Constantly evolving and taking up new forms and variations, coronavirus has managed to claim nearly half a million lives in India alone. We advise that you avail of our thyrocare covid tests in sync with the thyrocare tests recommended by your doctor.

Our thyrocare blood test packages are available at reasonable rates, thus, enabling you to take the test more than once as and when required. Carefully understand what kind of test your doctor is recommending. In most cases, doctors advise their patients to either take the RT-PCR test or the Antigen test. Both these tests differ and diagnose a particular aspect of the virus.

These tests help to check if the patient is affected by the signs of the virus. Doctors also recommend these tests to people who show no COVID symptoms but have come in contact with infected people. However, you must be aware that these tests also help you check different viruses and distinct signs of flu.

Thyrocare Technologies Limited allows you to enjoy the benefits of getting tested at home. It means that you and your loved ones do not have to queue up outside clinics and hospitals for tests. You can call on our number or fill in the booking form available at our site to seek an appointment for the test.

All you have to do is - fill in your details and the test details in the booking form available on our website. Once you have filled the form, you must wait for intimation regarding the booking confirmation. After the booking gets confirmed, make an online payment using the payment link shared with you. Appointment slots would be availed to you that you may choose from depending on your convenience and requirement.

Here are the top four Thyrocare packages that you can book at reasonable prices:

covid neutralising antibody

Covid Neutralising Antibody @ Rs. 500

  • Covid Neutralising Antibody Test
Covid Neutralising Antibody Test
Rs. 800 Rs. 500
After Vaccination Check

Covid Neutralising Antibody - Vaccinated, but not Sure if you've developed Antibodies? Clear your doubts with Covid Neutralising Antibody Test!

covid antibody

Covid Antibody GT @ Rs. 650

  • Covid Antibody IgG
  • Covid Antibody Total
Covid Antibody GT
Rs. 1400 Rs. 650
Check if you are Immune

Covid Antibody Test (IgG, Total) to check whether your body has resistance to Covid-19 viruses. Check whether your body has Antibodies to fight against Covid-19. Includes IgG and Total Test.


Covid-19 RT-PCR Test Rs. 650-1200

  • Covid-19 RT-PCR Test
Covid-19 RTPCR Test
Rs. 1400 Rs. 650-1200
Check if you are Covid +ve

Covid-19 RTPCR Test to check if a person is currently Covid-19 positive or not. Presently we provide Home Service in 18 Cities across India.

Post Covid Care Profile (34 Tests) @ Rs. 1199

  • CBC Hemogram (24)
  • C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
  • Random blood sugar
  • Antibody IgG
  • Creatinine Serum
  • Thyroid (3)
Post Covid Care Profile (34 Tests)
Rs. 3200 Rs. 1199
Ideal for those who have recovered

Post Covid Care Profile helps to keep a watch on your health after Covid recovery covering SGOT, SGPT ,CRP, Thyroid Profile, Antibody IgG, Creatinine, Random Sugar, CBC - Blood count and more

Covid Infection Monitoring Profile (5 Tests) @ Rs. 2450

  • C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
Covid Infection Monitoring (5 Tests)
Rs. 3200 Rs. 2450
Ideal for Covid +ve patient

Covid Infection Monitoring Profile aids in clinical diagnosis and monitoring of Covid-19 covering D-dimer, Ferritin ,CRP, LACTATE DEHYDROGENASE (LDH) , Interleukin-6

How To Get This Test



Select and Book Tests/Packages with best available Offers.



Our Expert Technician visits your place at your selected Time.



Get reports on Email/WhatsApp in 24-48 hours from sample pickup.

Our lab technicians will reach your place at the allotted time and date to collect your nasal swabs and saliva samples. Experienced and expert with tools and techniques, our pathologists use the latest technology for assessment and evaluation. The soft copy of the report will be shared with you via email within two to three days, while you will receive the hard copy via courier within a week.

Now Covid RT-PCR Test available in 18 cities across India with free home sample collection facility:

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