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Thyrocare Smokers panel health package

Health Screening Package For Smokers helps assess your health condition and warn you of any serious illnesses due to smoking thereby helps in early detection of diseases and disorders related to tobacco consumption.

Why smokers profile health package is important?

Smoking is linked with multiple health issues, it has been widely examined and seen that smoking can adversely affect overall body function, organs and quality of life. Cigarettes, bidis, and different types of tobacco that are smoked, normally, contain numerous unsafe Toxic elements that enter the body and cause harm. Individuals are incapable to stop smoking since cigarettes contain a substance called nicotine which is exceptionally habit-forming and highly addictive.

A few major diseases that are caused about by smoking:

  • Cancer
  • Coronary disease
  • Stroke
  • Lung diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Persistent Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Weakened immune system

In the event that you are a smoker or are passive smoker, it is critical to get a Smokers Screening Package done to grasp its effect. Smoking likewise adversely affects ladies, particularly pregnant ladies. Smoking during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage. It can likewise cause asthma, ear diseases and growth related issues. Kids who are exposed to smoke are additionally bound to foster asthma, pneumonia, and other lung diseases in thier life span.

What is Smoker's Health Checkup Cost?

The price for Smoker's Panel Basic with 8 tests is Rs 2000 whereas price for Smoker's Panel Advanced with 42 tests is Rs 3000.

Smoker's Panel Basic (8 test) details Click here

Smoker's Panel Advanced (42 test) details Click here

Thyrocare Smokers panel

Smoker's Panel Basic

(8 Tests)

  • Apo B / Apo A1 Ratio (Apo B/a1)
  • Apolipoprotein - A1 (Apo-a1)
  • Apolipoprotein - B (Apo-b)
  • High Sensitivity C-reactive Protein (Hs-crp)
  • Lipoprotein (a) [lp(a)]
  • Average Blood Glucose (Abg)
  • Hba1c
  • Nicotine Metabolites

Smoker's Panel Advanced

(42 Tests)

  • Apo B / Apo A1 Ratio (Apo B/a1)
  • Apolipoprotein - A1 (Apo-a1)
  • Apolipoprotein - B (Apo-b)
  • High Sensitivity C-reactive Protein (Hs-crp)
  • Lipoprotein (a) [lp(a)]
  • Basophils - Absolute Count
  • Eosinophils - Absolute Count
  • Lymphocytes - Absolute Count
  • Monocytes - Absolute Count
  • Neutrophils - Absolute Count
  • Basophils
  • Eosinophils
  • Hemoglobin
  • Immature Granulocytes(Ig)
  • Immature Granulocyte Percentage(Ig%)
  • Total Leucocytes Count
  • Lymphocyte Percentage
  • Nucleated Red Blood Cells %
  • Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin(Mch)
  • Mean Corp.hemo.conc(Mchc)
  • Mean Corpuscular Volume(Mcv)
  • Monocytes
  • Neutrophils
  • Nucleated Red Blood Cells
  • Nucleated Red Blood Cells %
  • Hematocrit(Pcv)
  • Platelet Count
  • Total Rbc
  • Red Cell Distribution Width (Rdw-cv)
  • Red Cell Distribution Width - Sd(Rdw-sd)
  • Average Blood Glucose (Abg)
  • Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Hba1c
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Hdl Cholesterol - Direct
  • Ldl Cholesterol - Direct
  • Ldl / Hdl Ratio
  • Non-hdl Cholesterol
  • Tc/ Hdl Cholesterol Ratio
  • Triglycerides
  • Vldl Cholesterol
  • Nicotine Metabolites
  • 25-OH Vitamin D (Total)

How Health Test For Smokers is performed?

While there is nothing explicit Smoking panel Test that searches for the signs of damage due to smoking, there are many tests that a specialist might suggest, to figure out where and how broad the damage is. Usually, a Advanced Smoking Test would incorporate a blood test for Lipid Test, Hemoglobin Test, Vitamin D Test, Diabetes, HS-CRP, Nicotine metabolites and so on and others as suggested by the doctor. For this tests the phlebotomist will collect blood samples and would be sent to lab and tests will be performed to check for every parameter.

Top 7 Health Tests Every Smoker Must Get Done

Tobacco kills over 8 million people every year and destroys our environment, further harming human health, through the cultivation, production, distribution, consumption, and post-consumer waste.

Diabetes screening: Smoking makes your body more impervious to insulin prompting more significant levels of glucose. Smokers generally have a high risk of getting type 2 diabetes which might be the hidden reason for a few different issues like heart and kidney illnesses. This is the reason behind why a diabetes screening test is likewise an unquestionable necessity.

Vitamin D Blood test: Truly, most smokers by and large have a low level of Vitamin D in blood. Proof shows that smoking affects the general bone health of an individual. It additionally prompts quicker bone loss especially who are in danger for osteoporosis. Smoking has likewise been shown to adversely affect bone healing after crack.

High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) test: This is a blood test that finds lower levels of C-receptive protein. The hs-CRP test can be especially used to find the risk for coronary illness and stroke in individuals who don't as of now have a heart disease. Studies have revealed an direct relationship between raised levels of CRP and cigarette smoking. Truth be told, according to an research paper, smokers developed coronary illness at a lower hs-CRP level in contrast to the nonsmokers.

Nicotine Metabolites Test is the assessment of nicotine and its metabolites to screen result of smoking discontinuance programs, detect passive exposure, and evaluate nontobacco nicotine exposure.

Lipid profile is a blood test that can identify signs of early heart diseases. Cigarette smoking generally increases the risk of medical problems. Specialists say that smoking is firmly connected with changing the typical status of the lipid profile. The checking of lipid profile is vital to give an estimation of the future cardiovascular diseases among smokers.

Cardiac risk markers: These markers are already present in the body in low levels, but fluctuate during cardiovascular diseases or post myocardial damage. They aid in preventive, diagnostic, prognostic (disease development) as well as therapeutic monitoring (treatment). Every marker plays a vital role in aiding a Cardiologist understand an individual's risk factor or cardiac disease.

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