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A serum Beta HCG test can detect pregnancy, evaluate pregnancy progress, test for the presence of tumors, or identify certain types of cancers in both men and women. Although the hCG hormone is produced in small quantities by the liver and pancreas, its levels rise when specific types of cells in the body that are usually absent start building them. When the hCG hormone becomes detectable both in the blood and urine, a lab test can return the exact amount present in the sample collected.

The serum Beta HCG test uses a person's blood to confirm the presence of the hCG hormone in the body. One might also provide urine to test for hCG. However, blood tests are more sensitive to and accurate in detecting hCG, so most doctors prescribe the blood hCG test to diagnose a patient's condition better. Accuracy of the test results is the key here. Thus, you need to get tested at one of the best diagnostic centers in India to ensure that your doctor has the right picture.

What is hCG, and why is it produced?

hCG expands into Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It has two sub-components known as the alpha hCG and beta hCG. The Beta HCG in pregnancy test looks for the beta component of the hCG hormone in the blood sample and hence the name.

The hCG hormone is synthesized by the embryo as soon as it attaches itself to a woman's uterus. A few days later, the placenta becomes the primary source of the hormone, and the hCG levels in the woman's blood continue to rise throughout the pregnancy.

The hormone enables the ovaries to produce estrogen and progesterone in the right quantities, crucial for a healthy pregnancy, making hCG levels in the blood a marker to detect the progress of a pregnancy.

Certain ovarian and breast tumors or cancers also produce the hCG hormone. Therefore, a doctor may ask for a Beta HCG blood test report to verify the presence of a malignant tumor. In men, a rare form of testicular cancer produces the hCG hormone, and thus, it is not unnatural for doctors to prescribe an hCG test to men.

Importance of the Beta HCG test

Experts use the Beta HCG test and quantitative hCG blood test interchangeably. The test can detect the exact levels of the hCG hormone in the blood sample, measured in mIU/ml. However, when done only once, Beta hCG in pregnancy test merely confirms pregnancy.

But a series of hCG tests are required to measure the rate of how hCG hormone is rising in the blood, which helps determine the pregnancy's health. If the hCG levels continue to increase in the subsequent tests, the progress is normal. However, if hCG levels start to fall within a few weeks, that signals concern.

Falling Beta-hCG levels in the blood indicate:

  • Chances of miscarriage
  • Or, the fertilized egg might have implanted itself somewhere outside the uterus

A higher Beta-hCG hormone level in the blood indicates:

  • More than one pregnancy
  • Or the presence of a tumor in the uterus growing in place of the placenta

Abnormal hCG levels in the blood also help a doctor determine any possible miscalculation in the age of the embryo. Corrective measures can help in ensuring normal pregnancy and healthy delivery.

As already stated, the presence of the Beta-hCG hormone when there is no pregnancy indicates the presence of malignant tumors. The test is thus essential to detect a few types of cancer early and intervene during the initial stages.

When should you go for the hCG test?

Primarily, your doctor will direct you to get a Beta HCG blood test done. However, you can also get tested yourself if you notice one or more of the following symptoms:

  • You have missed your monthly menstrual cycle for more than a week
  • The Home Pregnancy Test Kit result that uses urine was inconclusive
  • You suffer from frequent stomach aches combined with irregular periods
  • You notice blood in your urine during a pregnancy
  • Enlargement of one testicle in men with a dull stomach pain
  • An unexplained lump in either breast in women

In any case, you must consult with a certified physician immediately. Getting the test done before the visit will help to speed up the diagnostic process.

From where to get the test done?

As earlier mentioned, accuracy is the key in the Beta HCG test. The hCG hormone levels vary widely from person to person depending on the condition underneath, and any deviation might shift focus to a disease that is not present at all. Therefore, you must rely on the best diagnostic center in your area, and Thyrocare is naturally the top name.

Thyrocare Technologies Limited is India's first and most advanced Totally Automated NABL/ICMR/CAP/ISO certified Laboratory. It houses a state-of-the-art modern infrastructure backed by a team of trained professionals committed to providing accurate test results. As a result, Thyrocare has provided top-quality service since 1995, and the benchmark of excellence has risen continuously and hence for all of our consumers, we have made the beta hcg blood test cost very reasonable.

Benefits of Thyrocare hCG test

  • The best Beta HCG test cost in the market
  • Free blood sample collection from your home or office
  • Facilitates a 100% safe and hygienic environment for conducting blood analysis
  • Quick delivery of report over email or hard copy
  • Accurate results verified by medical experts
  • Unparalleled experience in the industry

Booking Procedure :

Entirely online. Fill up the adjacent form to book an appointment at the best beta HCG test price. You will receive a confirmation email in a matter of hours.

Payment Procedure :

Thyrocare receives payments online through all major payment gateways. The platform is 100% safe. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, cash payments are currently not accepted.

Test Reports Delivery :

You can choose to receive your test results either online or offline. In the case of online, Thyrocare will send the Beta HCG blood test report in your email within 2-3 days. Delivering a hard copy may take 7-8 days, depending on the speed of processing of the postal service. Get these reports delivered to your doorstep with the best affordable Beta HCG pregnancy test cost.

Sample Required :

You will only need to provide about 5 ml of your blood as a sample. A skilled professional will reach your choice of place (house or workplace) for sample collection, and the process is entirely risk and pain-free.


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