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CA-125 Test (Cancer Antigen Test)

  • Sample Type : Blood
  • Parameters : 1
  • Report Time : 24/48 Hrs
  • Home Collection: Yes
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CA-125 Test (Cancer Antigen Test)
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The CA 125 blood test, or Cancer Antigen 125 test, measures the levels of a protein called CA 125 in the blood, which is considered a tumor marker for ovarian cancer. This test is a valuable tool used for diagnosing various cancers, particularly ovarian cancer, and helps in monitoring the progression of such cancer.

A regular CA 125 blood test is suggested by healthcare professionals for individuals, especially who have a history of ovarian cancer or currently undergoing treatment for the same.

Learn everything about the CA 125 blood test before you book your test online.

Why Do I Need CA 125 Tumor Marker?

The CA 125 tumor marker plays a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and management of certain types of cancer, particularly ovarian cancer. The CA 125 blood test measures the levels of the cancer antigen 125 in the blood and provides valuable information about the presence and progression of ovarian cancer.

In summary, the CA 125 tumor marker is a valuable tool in the detection and management of ovarian cancer. By measuring the levels of cancer antigen 125 in the blood, healthcare professionals can assess the presence and progression of the disease. Understanding the CA 125 test normal range and its significance can aid in the early detection and monitoring of ovarian cancer, leading to improved patient outcomes.

How To Prepare For CA 125 Test?

There are no special preparations needed when getting a CA 125 blood test. In certain cases, the healthcare provider might want you to fast (not consume any food for a few hours) before the test.

What Happens During Cancer Antigen Testing?

A CA 125 Blood test only takes a few minutes. 

  • As per the scheduled time of the blood test, a lab technician who usually takes blood samples will arrive.
  • A thin needle will be used to draw blood from your arm’s vein.
  • The needle might cause a mild pinch and some discomfort.
  • The lab technician then fills a collection tube with blood and then removes the needle from the skin.
  • They place a small bandage on the arm.

Should you call for the blood test at home to check your CA 125 levels or get it done by a medical professional at your preferred nearest clinic? 

Can I Take CA 125 Ovarian Cancer Marker Test At Home?

Yes, the CA 125 blood test can be taken at home. HealthcareOnTime’s at-home lab testing service in association with Thyrocare, provides a convenient and efficient way to get important medical tests done from the comfort of your place, without the need for a doctor's visit or a trip to a lab. It is always preferable to consult with a healthcare provider about any concerns regarding your test results.

How Much Does CA 125 Test Cost?

The CA 125 test cost varies depending on various factors, such as where you live, the healthcare provider or a laboratory that performs the test, and whether or not you have health insurance coverage. You can check the CA 125 blood test price on our website. We offer this test at INR 721. Our prices are lower than the average test prices without compromising on quality. 

You received your CA 125 blood test results but still need help determining if they fall under the normal range. Read this section to know if your results range between the CA 125 normal range.

What Do Cancer Antigen 125 Results Mean?

The CA 125 Test results provide you with the range of CA-125 levels in your body; depending on the level of CA-125, our healthcare provider will discuss what your test results mean for you. Even if the test shows high CA-125 levels, further testing is needed to diagnose cancer. The result of one test alone isn’t usually helpful. Your provider will order CA-125 tests in a series so they can identify changes in levels.

If you have had a history of ovarian cancer, a high CA-125 reading may mean the cancer has returned or progressed. A lower score may indicate treatment is working.

What Is CA 125 Normal Range?

To interpret the results of the CA 125 blood test, it is crucial to understand the CA 125 normal range. The normal range of CA 125 levels may vary slightly among different laboratories but generally falls below 35 units per milliliter (U/mL). When the CA 125 levels exceed the normal range, it could indicate the presence of ovarian cancer or other conditions such as endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Normal Range 

Less than 35 units per milliliter (U/mL)

Exceeding Range 

More than 35 units per milliliter (U/mL)

What Medical Conditions Can Cause High CA 125 Level?

If your test results show higher than normal CA 125 levels (>35 U/mL), the following medical conditions might be causing it:

  • Endometriosis
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Liver disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Gastrointestinal cancers

What Medical Conditions Can Cause Low CA 125 Level?

If your test results show lower than normal CA 125 levels, the following medical conditions might be causing it:

If you find it difficult to schedule medical appointments and tests, HealthcareOnTime- Best diagnostic center in India is here to help. You can conveniently and affordably avail of our home testing facilities, and our experts will conduct the CA 125 Test at a time and date that works best for you. 

One of the main benefits of using HealthcareOnTime at-home lab testing is its ease. Instead of scheduling a visit to a medical facility, you can simply order medical tests online and have them performed at home. This is especially helpful for people with busy schedules, limited mobility, or transportation issues. HealthcareOnTime at-home lab testing offers competitive pricing, making them an affordable option for those in need of medical testing services.

Exclusive Service and Reporting managed by our Partner Diagnostic Centre:

Thyrocare Technologies Limited - India's first and most advanced Totally Automated NABL/ICMR/CAP/ISO certified Laboratory providing accurate reports with top-rated quality service since 1995. Book your test immediately as we have kept the CA 125 Test price very reasonable for all our clients.

Disclaimer: Although we have endeavored to provide accurate information on this page, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from your doctor before relying on any of the test ranges or lab-test recommendations mentioned herein.


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FAQs Around CA 125 Blood Test

A CA-125 Test can be performed at any time of the day, since there are no special preparations required for it.

Even though CA-125 is often associated with ovarian cancer, that does not mean that every instance of high CA-125 Levels indicates the presence of ovarian cancer and hence has various other indications.

No specific CA-125 level guarantees cancer, an elevated result beyond the normal range warrants further investigation. Determining the CA-125 ovarian cancer range requires considering various factors, including medical history and additional tests. Consult with a healthcare professional to interpret CA-125 levels accurately.

Elevated levels of CA-125, a cancer antigen 125, can be associated with various conditions, including ovarian cysts. However, it's important to note that not all ovarian cysts result in high CA-125 levels.

The CA-125 blood test is a valuable tool for monitoring ovarian cancer, but it is not specific to this condition. Other factors, such as inflammation or benign growth, can also influence CA-125 levels.

In most cases, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) does not significantly affect CA-125 levels. CA-125 is primarily associated with ovarian cancer and may not be elevated in PCOS.

While lifestyle modifications may not directly impact CA-125 levels, they can contribute to a healthy immune system and optimal bodily functions. This, in turn, promotes general health and may indirectly influence CA-125 levels.

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