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  • Triple Marker Test In Pregnancy (Triple Screen): Costs, Purpose, Normal Range and Interpretation

Triple Marker Test In Pregnancy (Triple Screen): Costs, Purpose, Normal Range and Interpretation

Triple Marker Test In Pregnancy (Triple Screen)
  • Sample Type : Blood
  • Parameters : 3
  • Report Time : 24/48 Hrs
  • Home Collection: Yes
  • Fasting : Not Required
  • Age Group: All
OFFER PRICE:  ₹2700 ₹3500 30% off


triple marker test in pregnancy
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  • Alpha Feto Protein (Afp)
  • Beta Hcg
  • Unconjugated Estriol (E3)

The triple marker test is a follow-up test performed in the second trimester of pregnancy after the double marker blood test to assess the risk of certain genetic disorders in the fetus by measuring the levels of three substances in the mother's blood: alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), estriol, and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

The triple marker test is typically included as part of the triple screen test, which combines the blood test with an ultrasound examination. This comprehensive approach increases the accuracy of the results, which can further provide valuable insights into the fetus’s health. 

Learn everything about the Triple Marker Test, before you book lab test online. Understand the why, how, and what of this test.

Why Is Triple Marker Test In Pregnancy Recommended?

The triple marker test helps in detecting conditions like Down syndrome, trisomy 18, and neural tube defects. By comparing the levels of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), estriol, and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) with normal values, healthcare professionals can estimate the probability of these conditions.

Consultation with a healthcare provider regarding the triple marker test in pregnancy and its timing is crucial to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the baby.

When Does Pregnancy Demand Triple Screening Test?

The ideal time to perform the triple marker test is between 15 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. During this period, the fetus produces sufficient amounts of markers for accurate analysis.

How To Prepare For Triple Maker?

There are no special preparations needed when getting a triple marker blood test. In certain cases, the healthcare provider might want you to fast (not consume any food for a few hours) before the test.

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Can I Take Triple Marker At Home?

Yes, the triple marker blood test can be taken at home. HealthcareOnTime’s at-home lab testing service, in association with Thyrocare, provides a convenient and efficient way to get important medical tests done from the comfort of your place without the need for a doctor's visit or a trip to a lab. It is always preferable to consult with a healthcare provider about any concerns regarding your test results.

How Much Does Triple Marker Test Price in India?

The triple marker test cost varies depending on various factors, such as where you live, the healthcare provider or a laboratory that performs the test, and whether or not you have health insurance coverage. You can check the triple marker test price on our website. We offer this test at 2700. Our prices are lower than the average test prices without compromising on quality. 

You received your triple marker blood test results but still need help determining if they fall under the normal range. Read this section to know if your results range between the triple marker test normal range.

What Does Triple Marker Test Results Mean?

Test Result

Result Meaning


Baby has no defects and is healthy.


Higher than average chances of your baby having born with Congenital Disabilities

It is important to remember the triple test is a screening test for pregnancy and not a diagnostic test. This test only notes that a mother is at possible risk of carrying a baby with a genetic disorder. The triple screen test is known to have a high percentage of false-positive results.What Is Normal Range For Triple Marker Test In Pregnancy?

The triple marker test’s normal range is typically read as the following:



Detection Rate

False Positive Rate

Trisomy 21 (Down)




Trisomy 18




Neural tube defects

>= 2.5 MoM

70% - 75%

2% - 4%

The Normal Ranges for The Individual Substances checked during the tests are:

Substance Name

Normal Range

Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP)

1.38 to 187.00 IU/ml

Estriol (uE3)

0.25 to 28.5 nmol/l

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)

1.06 to 315 ng/ml

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Undergoing Triple Marker Test In Pregnancy?

  • Triple Markers helps in early detection of certain fetal abnormalities and chromosomal disorders, such as Down syndrome, neural tube defects, or genetic disorders.
  • Ability to assess the risk of certain complications during pregnancy, such as preterm labor or preeclampsia.
  • Facilitation of informed decision-making regarding further diagnostic tests or treatment options.
  • Increased peace of mind for expectant parents by providing additional information about the health of the fetus.

What Are The Potential Risks Associated With Triple Marker Test In Pregnancy?

  • The triple marker test result has a high false positive ratio, and the results may indicate an increased risk of genetic disorders when there is no actual problem with the fetus. This can lead to unnecessary stress and further testing for the expectant parent
  • Limited accuracy and reliability compared to more definitive Diagnostic Test, such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS).

If you find it difficult to schedule medical appointments and tests, HealthcareOnTime- Best diagnostic center in India is here to help. You can conveniently and affordably avail of our home testing facilities, to conduct the Triple Marker Test at a time and date that works best for you. 

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Disclaimer: Although we have endeavored to provide accurate information on this page, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from your doctor before relying on any of the test ranges or lab-test recommendations mentioned herein.


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FAQs Around Triple Marker Test

The ideal time to perform the triple marker test is between 15 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. There is no specific time for this test.

The ideal time to perform the triple marker test during 3.5 - 4.5 months.

A Triple Marker Test is not necessary but is advised to check on the health of the fetus and early detection of any growing issues.

Both double-marker & triple-marker test serves the purpose of assessing the risk of certain genetic disorders during pregnancy. But the need for the test dictates which test is more suitable for you.

The triple marker test has a high false positive rate.

The triple marker test is not mandatory but is suggested by healthcare professionals for a pregnant woman during her 15th-20th week of pregnancy.

The Quadruple test specifically focuses on detecting the risk of Down syndrome and trisomy 18 (Edward syndrome).

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