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Overview of Female Tumour Panel

Female Tumour Panel

No of parameters: 6 Tests

Actual Price: Rs. 3500 Offer Price Rs. 2744
Lowest Rate

Advantages of Female Tumour Panel :

Female Tumour Panel includes specific parameters that evaluates the risks of tumor development in females. Markers like Alpha Fetoprotein helps in detection of liver cancer. Elevated levels of Carcino Embryonic antigen (CEA) indicates cancer of thyroid, lung and large intestine. Whereas CA 125 and CA 15 3 are markers for ovarian and breast cancer respectively.

Test Recommended for :

Female of Age 20-99 years

Exclusive Service and Reporting managed by :

Thyrocare Technologies Limited - India's first and most advanced Totally Automated NABL/ICMR/CAP/ISO certified Laboratory providing Accurate Reports with Top rated Quality service since 1995.

List of Tests included in Female Tumour Panel:

Female Tumour Panel

(6 Tests)

  • Alpha Feto Protein (Afp)
  • Ca-125
  • Ca 15.3
  • Ca 19.9
  • Carcino Embryonic Antigen (Cea)

Booking Procedure :

Fill up the Form with your Name, Age, Address etc. You will receive booking confirmaton within 2-3 hrs.

Payment Procedure :

Online once you receive Booking confirmation. Once the payment is received your Order will be executed. Cash payment is not accepted due to Covid pandemic.

Test Reports Delivery :

Soft copy reports on Email within 2-3 days. Hard copy (if opted) within 7-8 days by courier.

Precautions :

Fasting Not required.

Sample Required :

Only Blood sample (approx 5ml). Free sample collection from Home/Office.

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Due to Covid-19 Rs.200 per person will be charged extra on the package towards collection

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Due to Covid-19 Rs.200 per person will be charged extra towards Collection Charges

You will receive booking confirmation Email with payment link in 2-3 hours. Kindly make online payment so that your order gets executed. Cash payment is not accepted.

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