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Why Choose HealthcareOnTime? Top Pathology Lab for Online Diagnostic Test Booking

Your healthcare needs and challenges are unique and so are our blood testing services. Being one of the best diagnostic centres across India, we provide a comprehensive range of health screening tests and blood test packages that serve you and everyone in your family – from your parents to your children. Our specialised thyrocare test packages offer you the convenience of thyrocare blood tests at home for all your healthcare needs.

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Thyrocare Services Brought to You by HealthcareOnTime : Your Partner for a Healthy Tomorrow

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World-class Technology
Thyrocare pathology laboratories has India's most advanced testing equipment and healthcare solutions. We pride ourselves on being a premium Thyrocare partner, which has 100% automated pathology labs in over 4500 locations nationwide and 1000+ outlets spread PAN India.

Expertise You Can Trust
With 29k+ health tests conducted daily, we are your go-to platform for Thyrocare Aarogyam package booking, accessible with just a few clicks online. Our platform empowers you to explore, select, and easily schedule Thyrocare health packages tailored to your specific health requirements.

At-Home Service
Cannot visit hospitals/clinics? Book your thyrocare lab test via our website. Thyrocare laboratory technicians will visit your home to collect your blood sample. Make the most of fast and hassle-free blood testing services at the comfort of your home.

Quality At-Home LabTests, Within Reach
Thyrocare is your Trusted Partner for Pathology Testing and Beyond, offering an array of comprehensive Thyrocare packages. Never compromise your health due to financial barriers. As a trusted partner of Thyrocare, we deliver affordable Thyrocare test packages without compromising the quality. Believing that 'Healthcare is for all,' we take the financial stress out of the equation, ensuring everyone can prioritize their well-being without hesitation.

Highest-level Accuracy
Thanks to the combination of modern tech and ample professional experience, Thyrocare is ISO, CAP, and NABL certified diagnosis laboratory providing highly accurate and authentic thyrocare test reports with quick turnaround times.

Competitive Pricing for All Your Needs
Majority of people avoid regular medical checkups due to high costs. We understand the burden it can have on your family, which is why we provide health checkup at home at half the market price. Our online lab test prices are the lowest in the market without compromising on quality.

Comprehensive Packages for You and Your Family
Our Thyrocare blood test packages contain a comprehensive list of health tests, including general health screenings. Thyrocare health checkup packages are segregated into Basic and Advanced, with group offers available for your entire family.

Curious About At-Home Health Screening? Get Answers to Your FAQs!

Have concerns regarding which lab tests to book and how? We request you review our frequently asked questions to resolve your queries. In case of further clarification, we are happy to assist you over a call.

How do I know which tests to book for full body checkup at home?

HealthcareOnTime takes pride in providing quality services with exceptional customer support. You can contact us via call or email for a quick consultation on our processes and packages. In case of doubts, we also offer you the facility of uploading your doctor's prescription for clarity. You will receive a response from our team within an hour.

Are Thyrocare and HealthcareOnTime the same?

Thyrocare has partnered with HealthcareOnTime to provide its customers with exclusive lab testing services at affordable prices from the comfort of their homes. Our Thyrocare test are CAP, ISO, and NABL certified, and complete safety is ensured during sample collection and delivery.

How expensive are Thyrocare test packages?

Thyrocare blood test packages, prioritize affordability and accessibility for all. These meticulously crafted health packages are priced at just half of the market rate, ensuring cost-effectiveness without any compromise on the high standards of quality and accuracy. With Thyrocare test packages, you can prioritize your health without breaking the bank, making comprehensive healthcare within reach for everyone

Where is the complete Thyrocare pathology test list available?

You can visit our website for a complete list of Lab Test At-home. All our tests are offered in association with Thyrocare Pathology Lab which is NABL/ICMR/CAP/ISO certified Laboratory providing accurate test reports with top-rated quality service since 1995.

How are the patient's personal information and test results kept confidential and secure?

We foremost value our patient's comfort and ensure that all records and conversations are confidential. Samples collected through the lab test At-home are carefully labeled and sealed to avoid tampering or misplacement, and all results are documented on our protected servers.

What should one do if there is a medical emergency or urgent concern? Can a test still be ordered online?

In case of a medical emergency, you can reach out to us over call to allow us to better assist you. A laboratory test can still be booked, and we will walk you through the entire process.

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