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Diabetes Test (Sugar Test)

What is a diabetic profile?


A diabetic profile is a diagnostic test package that tests not only your blood for hyperglycemia or high blood sugar levels but also includes tests for blood components' counts or hemogram profile. It also is a test for cholesterol or lipid profile, iron deficiency, sodium levels, liver and kidney functioning, and more.

Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can lead to a host of simultaneous diseases, and having the diabetic profile test done helps to keep track of your overall health. In case of any abnormality, a physician can recommend preventive lifestyle changes or medication to keep the associated diseases at bay.

Diabetes Test (Sugar Test)
Diabetes Test - Basic

Diabetes Test - Basic @ Rs. 1000

  • Lipid (8)
  • Thyroid (3)
  • Diabetes (5)
  • Iron Deficiency (3)
  • Electrolytes (2)
  • Liver (11)
  • CBC Hemogram (24)
  • Kidney (5)
Diabetes Test - Basic
Rs. 1450 Rs. 1000
Includes: 69 Tests

Diabetes Test - Basic includes Thyroid, Lipid, Electrolytes (2), Diabetes (5), CBC and more..

Diabetes Test - Advance

Diabetes Test - Advance @ Rs. 2000

  • Folate
  • Cardiac Risk Markers (7)
  • Vitamin D
  • Lipid (8)
  • Thyroid (3)
  • Diabetes (7)
  • Iron Deficiency (3)
  • Electrolytes (2)
  • Pancreatic (2)
  • Toxic Elements (22)
  • Vitamin B12
  • Liver (11)
  • CBC Hemogram (24)
  • Kidney (5)
Diabetes Test - Advance
Rs. 5000 Rs. 2000
Includes: 105 Tests

Diabetes Test - Advance includes Thyroid, Vitamins, Pancreatic, Toxic Elements, Lipid, Cardiac Risk Markers, Folate, Diabetes (7), CBC and more..

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The physicians can also recommend you undergo a specific test based on your medical condition. Here's a quick overview of the different diabetic test lists available at our clinics:

Difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Both types of diabetic conditions occur when the blood glucose level rises above the normal range. Under healthy conditions, our pancreas releases a hormone called insulin into the blood that helps carry glucose derived from the food we eat to several of our vital tissues and organs and give us adequate energy.

In Type 1 diabetes, the body's immune system attacks and kills the cells responsible for producing insulin. It, thus, comes under the umbrella of autoimmune diseases where the cause is genetic in most cases. A person with Type 1 diabetes is incapable of producing insulin. Glucose derived from the food they eat stays in the blood because of the absence of insulin to carry it, and thus, the glucose level rises. Type 1 diabetes can affect people of any age as its autoimmune.

In Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas continues to produce insulin, but the body becomes resistant to the hormone majorly due to genetics or lifestyle choices. It is the most common type of diabetes that currently affects the human population and generally shows itself with age. The effect on the body is the same as Type 1 diabetes. Blood glucose levels remain high because the body cannot identify or use the secreted insulin.

Associated risks of diabetes

  • The onset of eye problems like diabetic retinopathy
  • Gum diseases like poor gum health and inflammations
  • Progressive loss of auditory sensation or hearing in both ears
  • Heart and kidney diseases
  • Developing nonalcoholic fatty liver
  • Peripheral nerve damage
  • Bladder and urinary tract infections
  • Skin diseases and more

In diabetes, the body loses its ability to utilize the energy derived from food adequately. Thus, lack of fuel triggers a body-wide degeneration. Type-1 diabetes can shorten a person's lifespan if the autoimmune response is triggered early in childhood and kept undetected.

Diabetes health profile tests help to not only monitor the levels of hyperglycemia but also keep a tab on the overall deterioration of other parts. Like any other disease, early detection is crucial to minimize the risks associated with both types of diabetes, and with treatment, any affected person can lead a regular life.

Why do Doctors recommend Thyrocare Diabetic Profile?

Diabetes is a growing threat that calls for regular monitoring. Detection of pre-diabetes or diabetes is crucial. This disorder affects other organ functions too, a complete body health assessment is garnered by Diabetic profile. Thyrocare Diabetes Check Packages is a group of blood and urine tests that are an important part of diabetes care.

Testing and understanding what your blood sugar results mean is an essential way to manage diabetes. Many people with diabetes simply do not get check-ups. Only 50% of diabetics are treated and half of them remain unmonitored and out of them, 50% have uncontrolled diabetes.

Who should get the test done?

Thyrocare diabetic profile test is for people suffering from either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, a few categories of the population also run the risk of developing diabetes and should get the test done at regular intervals. They include:

  • Anyone of any age experiencing any of the above-stated symptoms
  • Anyone older than 45 years of age
  • People with family histories of Type 1 and 2 diabetes
  • Women who had gestational diabetes previously during their pregnancy
  • People who already suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Someone who has prediabetes, i.e., high blood sugar levels but not enough to cause diabetes
  • People who live sedentary lifestyles and get little physical activity

Advantages of Thyrocare Diabetic Profile Test

  • Thyrocare Diabetes Test includes Glycosylated Hemoglobin (A1c) - the most recommended test by the American Diabetes Association for Diabetes Monitoring
  • Diabetic Profile is ideal for Pre-Diabetic and Diabetes Monitoring of patients
  • Best discounts available to diagnose or monitor diabetes at early stages.

Book diabetic profile test today

Thyrocare diabetic & hypertension profile test is comprehensive enough to reveal all anomalies among your normal bodily functions. If detected early, a physician can treat the diseases and give you a healthy life. Book Thyrocare for diabetic profile test list, enjoy a safe and hygienic experience with accurate results from skilled technicians.

Diabetes is a common disease. But the treatment available is that much more effective. You need the sugar profile test to keep the crucial parameters in check and let your overall health fight the risks of diabetes rather than the disease controlling your lifestyle.

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