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5 Compelling Reasons for Regular Health Check-Ups

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Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2021-12-21 Updated on 2023-07-28
5 reasons why regular health check up is needed

If you do not know your family's medical history, how can you determine if you are at risk of heart disease? And if you are indeed at risk of cardiovascular disease, how can you track and control the cholesterol and sodium levels in your blood?

A good night's sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise are essential to staying healthy. Still, this combination will not work if you do not know what exact diseases threaten your life or overall well-being.

Full-body health checkup packages serve this purpose. They provide you with a regular snapshot of what is going on inside your body and enable you to take appropriate measures. From monitoring cardiovascular risks to taking charge of your cholesterol and sodium levels, these full medical check-ups are your secret weapon to a healthier future. 

Did you know: 

  • You cannot exercise vigorously if you are at risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Spinach is a good source of vitamins A, C, and K, but you cannot have it if your uric acid levels are high.
  • Meat and liver help prevent vitamin and iron deficiencies, but they also elevate cholesterol levels that tend to affect your heart.
  • Fruits are a great source of almost all vital nutrients, from vitamins to magnesium to folic acid, but people with diabetes risk cannot include too many fruits in their diet due to the high sugar content.

To summarize, the foods and activities that we think are helping our health might also secretly harm us. Without complete information about our bodily functions, we might unknowingly sabotage our good health by randomly following all the recommended healthy tips.

Thus, you need a regular medical check-up to identify any possible deviation from routine and keep track of how your internal system is doing as you are aging.

5 Reasons To Get Regular Health Check-ups

Going for regular health check-ups is crucial as they help you stay proactive about your well-being. Here are the major 5 reasons why going for regular health check-ups is a game-changer!

Detect Diseases and intervene early

The routine health checkup packages of reputed pathology labs include a comprehensive list of lab tests that checks almost everything. Thyrocare's Aarogyam packages, for example, include renal, liver, and lipid profiles along with tests for toxic elements, vitamin and iron deficiencies, thyroid hormone levels, diabetes, and many more. The report you get enables your doctor to detect any disease early. And prompt intervention during the early stages either helps cure the condition or make it manageable.

Health checkup packages are practical tools of preventive medicine. By undergoing a regular full medical checkup, you prevent diseases from gripping you rather than dealing with them after the medical conditions have made you sick.

Plan your diet and lifestyle accordingly

Once you have the necessary information about your vitals, you can plan your diet and lifestyle accordingly. For example, if your uric acids show signs of elevating, you can cut down on spinach and rely on other sources of vitamins like lemons or bell peppers. If you have diabetes and cannot have fruits, your doctor can safely prescribe vitamin supplements to you after looking at the vitamin profile in your health checkup test report.

Informed diagnosis and treatment are what you get with the best health checkup packages. Unfortunately, symptoms rarely deliver conclusive evidence of a disease's existence. However, with tests, doctors can get a clearer picture of your unique health situation and advise you accordingly on your medications, lifestyle, diet, and others.

Create a medical history that your doctors can use

Getting a comprehensive package like the Thyrocare Aarogyam Package every 6 months or 1 year enables you to create your medical history. Over the years, both you and your doctor can track how your cardiac risk factors have behaved, how the insulin levels and thyroid levels have moved, how prone you are to nutritional deficiencies, or how the exposure to toxic elements affects your body.

If you develop a complicated sickness that is confusing the doctors during the later stage of your life, this medical history will help. Your doctors can look at the history of your vitals and come to a diagnosis quickly.

Even today, many doctors find it challenging to treat patients because of the absence of their medical histories. Yet, our medical histories ultimately make the diseases we contract unique, and doctors need the information to diagnose better.

Reduce your overall health and hospitalization costs

Take the example of gallstone surgery. Most cases are confirmed after the stones have formed and reached a considerable size and no other form of treatment is available but surgery. The hospitalization bills tend to reach INR 1 lakh, and you need to take an income or well-being hit during the surgery and the recovery period that comes after.

A regular health check-up lowers your overall health bills. In addition, small and periodic investments in your health through full-body checkups can prevent those massive hospitalization costs that we all fear.

Live a long and healthy life

If you do not allow diseases to thrive in your body through early interventions, your organs and tissues stay healthier for a longer time. Diabetes, for instance, can wreak havoc inside the body. The low insulin levels prevent the organs and tissues from picking up glucose from the blood, and they suffer due to the lack of food or fuel.

If kept unmonitored, diabetes can shoot out of control and damage almost all critical organs like the kidneys and liver. But periodic monitoring can enable your doctor to vary your medication levels and keep diabetes under control.

In all, regular health checkups prolong your lifespan and enable you to live a healthy life. Moreover, you retain good health no matter what your age. So, again, small investments in the best health checkup packages are the keys to your longer and healthier life.

So, go past your inhibitions and make full-body checks a regular habit. Opt for Thyrocare packages and affordable master health checkup packages and reap the life-saving benefits that come along. An investment in your health never goes without returns. You get the gift of good health and can make many good memories with your loved ones for that many years.


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