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5 Winter Illnesses And How To Prevent It

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-10-13 5 Winter Illnesses And How To Prevent It

The fall season is here and so are the illnesses that will top the hit list; eventually rising the number of patients at clinics and dispensaries of doctors. Like rainy season, winters too have their own share in challenging our immunity and health. But it is up to us to ensure that we first prevent winter disease and if not, fight back strong. Here, let's see some of the illnesses and conditions that get aggravated during this season and understand how to prevent them.

5 Winter illnesses To Avoid

  • Flu
  • Heart attack
  • Asthma
  • Heart attack
  • Sore throat
  • Cold

Lets understand each one in details

  • Colds
    Though common colds may affect at any time of the year, the peak timings are rainy months and winters. Like flu, colds are infection of the upper respiratory system and come along with nasal congestion, sneezing, scratchy throats, along with other symptoms that depend on the severity of the condition.
    Keep yourself safe from getting infected by individuals who are already suffering from one. Ensure to keep your house and household items like utensils, towels, etc. clean. Make sure to follow proper sanitation habits during and after attending a person with a runny nose, sneeze or cough.
  • Sore throat
    Yet another common condition seen around, and is mostly caused by viral infections. Moreover, there are also certain evidences which attribute the temperature changes to be responsible for this condition. Sore throats may flare up upon entering a warm or heated room immediately from icy outdoors.
    A quick and best remedy: gargle with warm salt water. Though the infection may need medical attention, salt water gargles can help in soothing the inflammation arising due to sore throat.
    Have a habit of drinking warm water rather than cold or chilled water during winters. Also, having ginger tea or ginger juice with honey can help in preventing and also keeping sore throat at bay.
  • Asthma
    While season like rains provoke allergens, cold air during winters gets symptoms of asthma such as shortness of breath and wheezing infuriated. Moreover, cold temperatures also make working for individuals with the condition more problematic and can give rise to bronchoconstriction (narrowing of the airways) making breathing even harder.
    Stay more and more indoors on very cold or windy days during winters. Ensure to cover your mouth, nose and ears by using a scarf or handkerchief, so the cold air does not aggravate and give rise to its symptoms. Be more vigilant towards following your medication schedules and also keep rescue inhalers close at hand.
  • Heart attacks
    During winters, the heart has to work even harder to keep our body warm and adapt to the shift in temperatures. Also, cold temperatures are found to be the best contributors of increasing atherosclerotic plaque deposition in the blood vessels, making the flow of blood reduce, thus causing an increase in the blood pressure which automatically strains your heart. All these factors eventually contribute in increasing the chances of having a heart attack.
    Ensure to avoid too fatty foods in your diet for healthy heart. Keep yourself warm and cozy by using scarves, gloves, etc.
  • Flu
    A major concern in individuals who are vulnerable to infections and have low immunity, flu is yet another concern during the winters. Also, individuals with long-term health conditions like kidney disease, Diabetes and people of older age show more chances of being at risk of getting flu.
    Besides getting yourself vaccinated for the same, ensure to follow basic rules of keeping oneself away from any infection. Habits such as washing hands, having a good night's sleep, etc. should be followed to minimise the risk of getting flu.

Learn how to tackle Winter illnesses now!

  • Keep yourself warm Yes, your grandma was right when she asked you to wear that sweater or a scarf around your head to cover your ears. Keep yourself warm during winters as this will help you avoid major number of diseases like cold, cough, fever etc. during this season
  • Wash your hands This rule is not just applicable for rainy seasons, but also during these cold months of the year. With all the more being prone to cold and cough and using your hands to shield the aerosols while sneezing or coughing, it becomes important that you pay attention to habits like washing hands thoroughly.
  • Plenty of liquids in Though it is quite normal to increase your appetite for munching than drinking during winters, keeping yourself hydrated is also crucial. Ensure you don't miss those 2 litres of water count any day in this cold season of the year.
  • Move, Move and Move! It's natural for our body to get in a hibernation mode with the winter setting in; but ensure you are active and tackle the laziness. Regular physical activity is always very important but even more in the winters. Moreover, regular activity will keep your blood circulation active and aid in making your immune cells increase to fight against season-driven diseases.

Tips to Winterise Yourself!

  • Keep your immunity boosted!
    Though you need to stay healthy all round the year, winter needs more attention. Ensure to keep your health and immunity boosted to fight any kind of diseases.
  • Get good sleep!
    Don't compromise sleep during the cold months. Good night's sleep is essential for keeping immunity boosted.
  • Exercise regularly
    Though it will be a tough job to move out of the bed for this, it is important to practice some form of physical exercise like yoga, relaxation exercises, etc. to keep yourself healthy and fit.
  • Eat well
    You may be tempted to eat more of warm food which are high in fats, salt or sugar, but it is rather beneficial to savour fruits, veggies which are healthy and safe to manage your weight. Avoid too much of alcohol.
  • Stay hydrated!
    Though the cool weather may not make you feel thirsty, ensure to keep yourself hydrated & drink enough water to keep your fit and healthy.
  • Winter is just another season of the year; but don't let this fall make you fall sick. Ensure to keep yourself warm and your immunity strong!


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