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Aerated Drinks - Are They Poisons Canned?

Aerated Drinks - Are They Poisons Canned?

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-04-08

Popular TV Ads have become a major fad these days, with each Bollywood star endorsing a drink. Very enticing are the quirky quotes and one-liners used to attract viewer attention. India, being a tropical country, feeling of dehydration and subsequent thirst is a common phenomenon. What is yearned then is for a quick cool refreshing drink, which can quell the thirst! This is the time when, aerated or soft drinks come in handy for all.

Aerated Drinks - Are They Poisons Canned?

Soft or aerated drinks have become a routine consumption among the majority. Due to this demand for soft drinks in the market, a major competition has ensued between the aerated drinks and fresh fruit canned juice manufacturers. The global market for carbonated and fruit juices together has been estimated to be 284 million crates a year or 1 billion US$, with the highest contribution from India.

This growing popularity is partly to be blamed on the rampant advertisements, and also on the fast food chain tie-ups with aerated drinks manufacturer. With the current lifestyle practice of "eating-out' frequently, most of the accompaniments, paid or free in a fast food meal system ends up to be an aerated drink. This has created an addiction, especially among the young and teenagers, wherein eating junk with a soft drink has become a fashion. Now anything in excess is always known to be harmful, and aerated drinks become no exception in this category. Researchers have documented numerous deleterious effects of these canned bubbly drinks on human body. Some of these include, tooth decay, dental erosion, asthma, obesity and some may also affect the kidneys, skin and bones, apart from obviously being addictive.

The most commonly encountered health hazard of these fizzy drinks is occurrence of tooth decay and dental enamel erosion. Frequent consumption has also been known to cause sensitivity of teeth. All these negative effects are majorly because of the acidic nature of these drinks. One of the ways to prevent your teeth from this "Sweet Acidic Attack' is by consuming these with the aid of a straw. Also, the high sugar content in these drinks, leads to development of bacteria which can further cause tooth decay. It is hence advisable to gargle the mouth with water every time you consume these aerated drinks. This ensures the pH in the oral cavity is maintained, preventing erosion of teeth and bacterial growth. Also, sugar-free gums advertised to have the ability to neutralise pH of the mouth can be used, to ensure harm is minimal. Another alternative would be to consciously avoid sugar laden drinks and consume sugar-free versions.

A very recent scientific finding has also documented soft drink consumption to be a major risk factor for asthma. The quantity and frequency of consumption has been linked to be directly proportional to development of respiratory problems like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The aspartame in diet soft drinks has been associated to increase risk for causing stroke, heart attack and vascular death. Increase in the consumption of soft drinks is also a major factor for the development of obesity, due to increased calorie consumption. Also, over consumption of soft drinks may trigger diabetes.

Some important components of these beverages and their harmful side effects are enlisted below.
- High fructose corn syrup used nowadays in place of sugar can cause liver complications.
- Aspartame used in diet sodas has been shown to be a neurotoxin.
- Caffeine causes adrenal stimulation. In large amounts, it can also cause adrenal exhaustion in children.
- Citric acid and artificial flavours contain traces of Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG)

Thus, avoid the bubblies, however enticing these may be and stick to the natural. Opt for fresh home made fruit juices or lemonades to please your tongue. Coconut water is always available as an option in road side stalls. Find one to quench your tongue. Fresh organic fruit juices are always a better and healthier option as compared to canned drinks or sodas. So switch to a better and healthy life instantly by saying goodbye to all the canned fizzes!


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