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Belly Fat Causes, Its Effect On Heart And Ways To Burn Belly Fat

Belly Fat Causes, Its Effect On Heart And Ways To Burn Belly Fat

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-04-05

Belly fat is a white fat that builds up in the midsection i.e. around the abdomen and it is known as visceral or abdominal fat. Visceral fat is located deep inside the abdominal cavity, packed between the internal organs disrupting their function. Not only is visceral fat present around the belly, but there are two more layers of fat which constitute belly fat, namely: subcutaneous and intramuscular. Subcutaneous fat lies underneath the skin and abdominal walls, and is most commonly found around the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. The intramuscular fat is found within the skeletal muscles.

Belly Fat Causes, Its Effect On Heart And Ways To Burn Belly Fat

Visceral fat is the most harmful form of fat in the body. This has a negative impact on health and has been linked to heart diseases, metabolic disturbances, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Excess of visceral fat is also known as pot belly, spare tyre or beer belly.

Protruding belly is a confirmation Unhealthy drinks of unhealthy lifestyle increasing the chances of serious health issues. The biggest contributor for belly fat is the sedentary lifestyle Poor dietary habits such as eating unhealthy fatty foods or overeating, drinking carbonated drinks often or late night binges are wellfounded reasons for the expanding waistline. Lack of physical activity, exercise and sleep are also the risk factors for belly fat. The prevalent cause Passive rest that leads to accumulation of fat in the mid-section is hereditary, wherein the traits pass on from one generation to the next. It plays a major role in deciding our body type, i.e. apple-shaped or pearshaped depending on distribution of fat in the body. However, apple-shaped body has a tendency of storing fat in midriff which leads to belly fat.Hormonal fluctuations in women after Results menopause, can cause excess body fat to accumulate in the belly than thighs or legs. As you age, you may tend to lose muscle mass, making it easier to gain extra pounds around the abdominal region. This condition is termed as middle-age spread and more commonly seen in women than men.

Belly fat or visceral fat is a key player for a variety of health risks and hence more of a concern. When you have an ideal body weight, secretion of hormones and chemicals from fat are healthy as they do many positive things for your body. But the problem arises, when you carry extra pounds of body fat around the middle which is an early warning sign of an unhealthy heart. Since, visceral fat is metabolically active in the abdominal section, it results in the secretion of excess amount of hormones and harmful chemicals which are not needed by the body. These factors increase the risk of heart disease by promoting High blood pressure, alter cholesterol levels and cause inflammation. They interfere with normal blood vessel activity.

The one reason belly fat is harmful could be its location, as these fats are constantly transported to the liver through blood circulation leading to fatty liver disease and eventually elevate bad cholesterol levels. The important tools to measure heart risk include waist size measurement; 35 inches or more, abnormal levels of triglycerides and HDL (good) cholesterol. These measurements give you an idea whether you are at risk or not.

There are several tips to banish this unhealthy fat from your tummy. These are as follows,

Cut back on carbs Eating excess simple sugars like white bread, candy, cookies and other food products can increase belly fat and lead to insulin resistance.

Eat more foods rich in protein and fiber It is the best way to lose weight as your body breaks down these foods slowly, keeping you full for a longer time

Eat healthy fats This not only helps in reducing your weight, but also lowers risk factors of heart diseases.

Avoid habits Abstain from excessive alcohol consumption, Smoking and late night's sleep.

Indulge in physical activity Regular exercise is the best way to stay healthy and live an active life.

Reducing belly fat will help you in many ways; right from enhancing personality and looks to gifting good health! So go ahead and beat the flab today!


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