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Choose Your Exercise Wisely Based On Disease Or Disorder

Choose Your Exercise Wisely Based On Disease Or Disorder

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-02-17

Earth's rotation and revolution is vital for sustaining life on it, likewise exercises for body are vital for its proper functioning. Too far to be related together, but the thread relating these, is movement! Movement of limbs, head and neck by performing certain activities requiring physical effort for keeping health and fitness, can be summed as Exercises

Choose Your Exercise Wisely Based On Disease Or Disorder

Numerous television channels broadcast number of programs on exercises, and with fitness clubs and gyms opened in every neighborhood, the majority who get attracted are the obese or overweight! What remains confusing for them is which fitness club to choose, or whether a lump sum has to be spent on such expensive gym plans! But, what's mostly unanswered is which exercise to be done on a regular basis to stay fit. Also, is exercise needed for only the overweight? What about folks who are slim, but unhealthy or weak, are suffering from a disease/disorder or prone to some medical conditions?

Our article will address these issues with certain exercises including poses from the ancient Indian practice, Yoga, focusing on each age, gender and those burdened by/at risk of major diseases and disorders.

Thyroid Complications
Hypothyroid patients: A sluggish thyroid slows metabolism in them, hence low-impact aerobics and strength training exercises (lungs, leg raises, and push-ups) are recommended. These put less pressure on joints, increase muscle mass, heart rate, boost metabolism and burns more calories. Patients with no swelling in joints/ankles, can opt for walking too, while a stationary reclining, recumbent bicycle are excellent for cardio exercises along with yoga poses - Surya Namaskar, Kapalbhati..

Hyperthyroid patients: A weakened bone mineral metabolism in them increases the risk of osteoporosis, therefore aerobic exercises (like dancing, biking or swimming) that engage body's large muscles are recommended. Resistance training (resistance bands, heavy gardening or bodyweight exercises such as pushups and sit-ups) and activities like walking and stair climbing are recommended along with meditation and yoga (shoulder stand, fish pose). Yoga increases one's strength to fight this illness, fosters calmness and improves psychological balance.

Exercises are good and safe for Diabetes, lowers high blood sugar levels and aids in weight loss, but get your doctor's OK on them first An active lifestyle will rev up body's metabolism, with timely intake of medications/dietary regimen. Exercises like walking, cycling along with yoga [Matsyen drasana (half-twist pose) combined with Dhanurasana (bow pose), Vakrasana (twisted pose) are recommended. These enhance sugar control while lowering bad cholesterol.

Type 1 diabetics:Must pay heed to their insulin doses and blood glucose levels prior to and after any physical activity, even if it's a house or a lawn work. Avoid vigorous exercises and tame low sugar levels by having a pre exercise snack or carrying a cycling a carbohydrate food or drink.

Type 2 diabetics: Along with walking/jogging, strength training recommended to utilise body weight

Cholesterol Problems
High cholesterol levels cause future complications of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Tame them with certain exercises which lower body weight and reduce bad cholesterol levels. Apart from the recommended 30 minute activities of exercises like walking, jogging, and gardening, one can maintain/control cholesterol levels with flexibility exercises like stretching (for warming up), aerobics, strength trainings (builds muscles), and yoga (Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom).

Living with the pain, exercises may seem difficult, but moderate activities are necessary to prevent the progression of arthritis and improve overall body function. Patients with mild to moderate pain must carry out gentle and active range of motion movements and low-impact activities like walking. In case of pain, know when to stop and avoid joint-taxing workouts. Warm-up first by mild stretching exercises before any activity, perform deep breathing and long stretches as well, in order to avoid muscle cramps and joint ache.

Anemic person, so is exercise needed?
Lacking energy to do even normal activities doesn't rule out the need of exercises in anemic patients, as aerobics (swimming, running and biking) boosts metabolism by allowing red blood cells to deliver more oxygen to muscle tissues. The key for not getting drained out of all the energy is to find the right mild exercises like yoga (Pranayama, breathing exercisesUjjayi). These performed with intake of healthy meals, as per doctor's supervision improves functioning of circulatory system.

Do exercises work? Find out with Preventive tests!
How effective these exercises are, can be checked by timely assessing the levels of vital parameters of above medical conditions! Improvement or balance in levels indicate that exercises do really work wonders!

Never underestimate the power of your will and body and do not let your age, gender and medical conditions weigh you down from living an active lifestyle. Exercises have to be taken with ease, built gradually and selected after analysing what's comfortable and not painful. Don't opt for exercises just to shed those extra kilos and then toss them out of mind, but choose the ones you enjoy and imbibe them as habits in your daily routine, for a long healthy living

Exercises are like clothes.. Choose the comfortable & right ones. To wear them every day, for a healthy lifestyle!


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