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Common Cold Causes Symptoms And Its Prevention

Common Cold Causes Symptoms And Its Prevention

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-02-15

"Aahchooo!" Sounds of human sneezes and sniffles are heard everywhere when the flu season is around the corner with dropping temperatures and running noses!

Common Cold Causes Symptoms And Its Prevention

Known as the most common infectious disease of mankind, affecting everyone, whether a baby or an adult, "Common cold" continues to be unbeatable with no known cure till date. More than 200 viruses are known to cause common cold, which change frequently over time unlike the already discovered causal organisms like chicken pox, Tuberculosis, etc. Hence, without the need for Diagnostic Test, the symptoms usually point out the condition. Though the culprit could be any of the 200 odd viruses, the most common virus is, rhinovirus!

The dropping temperatures can actually induce cold, as these viruses multiply rapidly in the cold or dry climatic conditions found mainly during the rains and winters. If one comes into contact with the cough or sneeze droplets of an infected person, it gets absorbed into their body. Hand to hand contact or hand to surface contact with the infected is even more transmissive than air. Common cold - the upper respiratory tract infection, usually affects the nose, throat and sinuses, manifesting with symptoms given below which only appear 24-48 hours after contact with the infected person:
Sore throat
Cough and congestion
Blocked or runny nose
Headache and body ache
Mild-to-moderate fever

One can get rid of a routine common cold?? with age old home remedies like consumption of herbal and green tea, turmeric laden milk with honey and black pepper, lemon juice with honey in lukewarm water, etc. Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids like water, juices; warm soups to calm the scratchy throat; saltwater gargles along with steam inhalation may help in relieving pain and combat stuffiness. Consuming green leafy vegetables, plenty of fruits rich in vitamin C like lemons, papayas; probiotics coupled with ample amount of rest will accelerate the healing process. Many over the counter cold and cough medications, nasal sprays, etc. are also available, which can ease the symptoms but can't outwit the cold.

Most of the symptoms of cold often subside in a week's time; but symptoms like persistent high fever (102??F) accompanied with chills, sweating, coloured phlegm, sinus pain, breathing problems, etc. need immediate medical attention. antibiotics are usually prescribed to provide relief from these severe symptoms, thereby preventing development of further critical infections like flu, bronchitis, etc.

It is impossible to completely stop the spread of cold, but one can avert from falling prey to it by:
- Maintaining proper hygiene and ensuring cleanliness by washing hands often and thoroughly
- Leading a healthy lifestyle inclusive of sufficient sleep and effective stress management strategies
- Intake of nutritive diet including green leafy veggies, fruits like amla, etc.; and probiotics
- Disinfecting your environment by cleaning commonly touched surfaces Abstaining from Smoking and avoiding frequent touching of the face when near affected individuals
- Getting some fresh air and revving up your metabolism with exercises

Common cold for many ends up becoming a primary cause for physician visit and also missing schools or work. It is up to you to decide whether to curl up in the cave until your sore throat & runny nose goes away or thwart the common cold by effectively managing your hygiene and lifestyle habits!

"Common cold is a certainty for many, though sounds simple, can still be the underlying cause for many a serious clinical calamities like Swine Flu"


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