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Fitness Apps And Watches - A Right Choice?

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-04-28 Fitness Apps And Watches - A Right Choice?

Lack of exercise can lead to dangerous sedentary lifestyle induced disorders which ultimately cause death! Scary much? Makes you get out of your bed and run on a treadmill? How easy the solution sounds, some stretching and running will probably save us from becoming victims of disorders! But reality is different, what go unnoticed in vigorous fitness training sessions are the tiny reminders of right food, right amount of water and all these at the right time. To catch up to these needs, we have the increasingly attractive and recently popular phone applications and smart watches, promising to be a guide towards better lifestyle habits.

What is Fitness?
The ability to carry out daily tasks with vigour and alertness, without fatigue is defined as physical fitness, Fitness involves almost everything from getting up early and stretching to performing any kind of physical activity throughout the day. Every human body needs, to some extent, a fitness regime which is either done diligently or unknowingly. Historically, the primitive man's lifestyle, agricultural revolution, ancient civilisations, periods of Renaissance and those of wars and struggles throughout the world portrayed fitness in the forms of hunting, farming, military training, etc., associating physical fitness with advancements of mankind.

But in recent days societies have become too occupied with wealth, prosperity and self-entertainment, dropping their levels with respect to fitness. Further, advanced technology has decreased the levels of physical fitness drastically, but the same technology has come to aid the fitness regimes of individuals. The question that demands answer is how effective can that prove to be?

What do Apps do?
Mom wake me up at 5, I need to go for jogging! - shifted to setting up an alarm on the mobile phone with a hope to get up, if not at 5, surely at 5:15 or 5:30! Looking at a pastry and wondering how many calories it will add up to the body and stupidly asking the shop owner how many calories it contains, shifted to making a note of calories consumed every hour of the day. Exercising every morning might have allowed one to lose weight but could not define heart, which got even better with an app displaying the heart rate out loud for every movement made in the day.

Be it checking the calories one consumed, the route one chose to shed those calories or setting up regular intervals of reminders to drink water, applications have sneaked into our lifestyles well. They have made us independent and yet dependent. What we are yet to figure out is - Is it our obsession with technology or our need to rely on these health apps and bands for fitness? Because as long as fitness is concerned, it never faltered in the era when there was no technological dominance in lifestyle habits. So what changed? What made us trust our technology more than our judgment?

Smart Watch - a tag along for every move!
Technology took a huge leap in making wearable devices, like smart watches and smart bands, promising tools for healthier and active life. They look attractive, are easy to use, work with precision and answer questions like how many steps one takes in a day, calories burned, miles one runs or swims, time spent sleeping, pulse rate, etc. To add to these, one extra possibility is to keep the data or donate it for medical research and clinical trials to contribute and participate in studies for improving public health.

Smart Watches have become better and better ever since they attracted people. However, in some scenarios these wearable devices overshadowed the purpose of health and fitness, by connecting people more with the virtual world, allowing lesser and lesser time for fitness regimes.

Smart devices will not exercise for you!
Using a smart watch only increases and enhances the connectivity and reach to news, mails, social media, etc. Months of doing this will diminish the enthusiasm of even walking to some place or basking in the sun! Meanwhile coming to the health related factors, when an app displays health parameters (heart rate, steps walked, calories burned, sleep cycles, etc.) it is of no use unless the device owner changes the approach to become better.

No doubt smart watches and apps are a better, costly but better, option for monitoring health. But all the reminders are futile until something is done about it. And doing something does not come along with purchasing a smart watch, but comes with knowing our own body right.

Who doesn't need an app or a smartwatch?
One who brisk walks everyday for 30 mins
One who wakes up early in the morning
One who focuses on right breakfast
One who drinks a lot of water throughout the day
One who finds little reasons to stay happy
One who always, no matter what, makes health a priority

With the recent attraction and attention technology has garnered, it is tad bit expensive to give health a thought. Even a smartwatch alarming your calorie intake won't suffice, if you don't control your food habits.


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