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Gyming - Is It A Way To Fitness?

Gyming - Is It A Way To Fitness?

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-04-18

Being a teenager has its perks, it is that time of our life when everything in life appears like a cake walk. Life was somewhat similar for Rahul, 16, who got inspired by all the wrestling matches he and his friends watched for entertainment. The verdict being, one month of vigorous gyming (2 hours a day) to acquire six-pack abs which resulted into exhaustion and bouts of depression for the young mind. The problem was not about Rahul getting inspired by wrestling matches, but gyming becoming an addiction which like any other addictions, can become harmful to physical as well as mental health.

Gyming - Is It A Way To Fitness?

Going to gym for a fitness regime is not a recently acquired habit of human race; instead it was a prime objective of males to participate in gymnasiums (cultural institutions) during olden days, like those in ancient Greece or Gurukuls in ancient India. But, debating on gym being a healthy way to fitness or not wouldn't have been a talk of the town, if it wasn't for the adult generation showing more interest in losing quick weight through aggressive exercise. Gyming is a best example for the phrase 'Something in excess could be lethal'; and while it organises the body functions and maintains fitness, it can yet contribute to bring in imbalance and repercussions to various vital bodily functions.

Body metabolism imbalance
Healthy Kidneys, the purifiers of our body, are known to prevent type 2 diabetes, lower resting heart rate and improve immune system. 30 to 60 minutes per day of gyming (or any other form of cardio) prevents kidney damage that occurs due to ageing and also reduces levels of creatinine (waste product).

Too much of gyming causes
3 hours per day of gyming is detrimental to health, as one may run out of nutrients that fail the kidney from performing its function of cleansing toxins. This is because, over exertion results in loss of Vitamin Deficiency or nutrient leading to increase in kidney infection; in turn escalating the risk of kidney damage or failure.

Body perception disorders
Most of the people are concerned about their appearance and physique as compared to the athletes or models they worship as role models. This results into socially isolated exercise of repairing the defect; often psychologically pushing the individuals to the brink of excessive and addictive gyming.

Too much of gyming causes
in case of this psychological perceptional disorder, the person succumbs to depression, social anxiety, complete avoidance of being in public or social phobia.

Hurts the Heart
heart, the healthy pump, is known to circulate blood throughout the body, maintaining the body's dynamics such as heart rate, blood pressure, rhythm and heart beats.

Too much of gyming causes
Affects the wear and tear of the heart tissue that weakens the heart muscles resulting into ventricular arrhythmia (erratic heart beat). Scarring of heart tissue and signs of fibrosis are prominent in people who are addictive to gyming, than those who undergo regular healthy gyming.

Joint pain
That splitting pain, making the gym addict person impossible to walk is nothing but continued breakdown of the body's worn out and tired joints. Conditions like Plantar fasciitis (stabbing pain in the bottom of the foot), IT band friction syndrome (connective tissue binds against thighbone) and shoulder tendonitis are just about the corner.

Too much of gyming causes
Addictive gyming causes chronic repetitive motion, which severely affects the joints. It is thus essential to know when one pushes through the pain to simply fulfill the need to workout and stop it!

Premature ageing
Ageing, a natural process of growing old, is prominently observed in humans through skin wrinkling; one of the major reason of wrinkled skin is the accelerated free radical damage.

Too much of gyming causes
Individuals under extensive gyming appear worn and aged, showing signs of extensive wrinkles.

Moreover, excessive gyming can even cause fertility, hunger, stress, diabetes, diet schedules to get adversely affected, thus eventually taking a major toll on health.

Gyming might sound as an easy step to fitness, in our no-time-to-ponder busy lifestyle. But the fact that it causes critical damage to health is worth an expensive thought! The criteria of a stable life is not about how fat or thin one is! Rahul took a month of crazy gyming to understand how healthy and enriching life can be by maintaining a balance (avoiding tiresome hours at gym) with a brisk walk every morning for about 30 minutes!

A take home message to all the teens and their parents/grandparents is simple - Lead a cheerful life with a healthy diet and short exercises, muscular body might be appealing, but not at the cost of worn out depressing health!


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