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How Monsoon Diseases Prevention Tips Can Keep You Out of Trouble

How Monsoon Diseases Prevention Tips Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2021-09-08

Each season brings different health problems, and our bodies must be prepared to withstand them, especially the dramatic changes that accompany the monsoons immediately after a scorching summer. A number of diseases??, threats and significantly affects our immunity. However, all you have to do is follow these health tips to protect yourself from fatal diseases and boost your immunity. It is important to understand the fact that some diseases caused by monsoons go undetected and lead to complications.

How Monsoon Diseases Prevention Tips Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Why We Need Precautions In Monsoon?
As we understand, the rainy season brings with it various diseases. Our body goes through a sharp transition from scorching heat to a humid and rainy environment. It is quite obvious that our body will take time to adapt to the new climate. In such a situation, the human body is very susceptible to monsoon diseases, so we need to be more vigilant during the rainy season. Diseases such as malaria, dengue?? and other waterborne infections are extremely serious and in some cases life-threatening.We need to take action to prevent these diseases and infections.

Why you need a health checkup in monsoon?
You have to ask yourself, why do you need a health check-up during the rainy season? Diseases such as cholera, malaria and dengue fever are very dangerous and can be fatal. A preventive check-up is recommended during the rainy season as it tells you about your general health. Over the years, helping to understand possible health complications at an early stage, illness can be avoided with proper precautions.A complete medical examination will help you learn about the changes taking place in your body, and thus quickly prepare you for the necessary measures. Knowing what to expect can help you protect your loved ones and yourself from illness and take care of them if they do.

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Prevention of mosquito breeding:
Avoid water collection all over the house and around it;
Domestic water containers, such as coolers, buckets, etc., must be covered, emptied and cleaned weekly;
Dispose of solid waste correctly;
Clean and wash the bathroom regularly;
Correct use of insecticides when handling outdoor storage / water containers.

Personal protection from mosquito bites:
Use home personal protective equipment such as repellents, insecticide nets, etc. These precautions should be observed during the day, both indoors and outdoors, as most mosquito bites occur during the day;

Wear clothing that reduces skin contact with mosquitoes.Sleep under insecticide-treated nets, which can reduce contact between mosquitoes and humans.

Tips of Prevention from Water and Air-borne diseases
Clean and safe drinking water
Pay attention to good hygiene when handling food
Keep your hands clean with constant washing
Always boil water and wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before drinking
Make sure the drains are clean free from potholes near your area
Avoid contact with potentially infected animals.
Get your children vaccinated if they have not been vaccinated.

Tips of Prevention from Air borne diseases
Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
Keep your child away from infected people
Maintain good hygiene by washing your hands and feet thoroughly after returning home
Drink warm water once every few hours
Ensure good ventilation at home all time

Below are the Prevention Tips based on Diseases:

Typhoid Prevention tips:
Avoid contact with typhoid?? patients
Don't eat outside
Maintain personal hygiene
Consume clean water

Viral Fever Prevention tips:
Avoid getting wet in the rain
Drink a glass of hot turmeric milk
Gargle with warm water to relieve sore throat
Do not eat outside
Wash your hands often
Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough

Malaria Prevention tips:
Don't let water accumulate in your area
Use mosquito nets and repellents
Avoid mosquito bites
Take antimalarial medicines

Cholera Prevention tips:
Get Vaccinated
Wash your hands often
Drink bottled water or boiled water
Eat well-cooked food
Avoid eating vegetables and peeled fruit

Jaundice Prevention tips:
Get Hepatitis A and B vaccines
Avoid alcohol
Take anti-malarial drugs
Maintain personal hygiene
Avoid contaminated food and water

Food poisoning Prevention tips:
Wash your hands often
Avoid drinking tap water or ice water
Avoid eating street food
Avoid raw vegetables such as salads

Below are some home remedies to be followed in monsoon

Try herbs and spices: the rainy season can seriously compromise your digestive system and immunity. Increase your intake of spices like cloves, ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon. Herbs such as giloy and mulethi contain antioxidants and act as a powerful immune booster.

Drink hot drinks: The weather being cool, so you may not be thirsty as often; However, remember to drink plenty of water during the rainy season. Most people sweat profusely due to wet weather during the rainy season and result in loss of fluid replacement. Adequate amount of water will help flush out toxins from the body. Hot drinks such as tea, coffee, lemon tea, and soup will help keep you warm and moisturize your body. They will also relieve you of all throat problems. Green tea is especially beneficial for sore throat problems.

Do not self-medicate: Antibiotics work against bacterial diseases, not viral infections such as the common cold and flu. Using antibiotics that are not recommended can make you resistant to them, preventing them from working when they are really needed.

Increase your vitamin C You must have noticed that rain is the time of year when viral fevers, colds and allergic reactions are most common. To prevent these infections, you need to have strong immunity. Vitamin C may be beneficial for maintaining healthy immune cells and is one of the most important nutrients for boosting immunity. Eat oranges, lemons, fresh vegetables, and broccoli for a vitamin C rich diet.

Be protected from mosquitoes Constant rainfall and insufficient drainage cause water to accumulate and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These tiny insects can cause you serious health problems such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc.

Avoid Street Food Not sure what kind of water your favorite street food vendor used when making food. Every time you do street food, you are very susceptible to intestinal infections.

Wash raw fruits and vegetables Rinse fruits and vegetables thoroughly under running water. Germs can grow on the skins of fruits and vegetables.Try to eat vegetables that have been thoroughly cooked or boiled.

Be physically active indoors Rain and Covid may keep you out of the way, but remember that exercise not only helps you maintain your weight but is also beneficial for your immune system. You can try stretching, jumping rope, yoga and dancing.

Hand hygiene The hands are the main means of transmitting germs into your body. Wash or disinfect your hands before eating or even while traveling.


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