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How prosperity of nation depends on healthcare system

How prosperity of nation depends on healthcare system

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2021-02-03

India is a great country. We have the security, freedom, democracy and lifestyle desired by many people around the world. But Indias are unhealthy due to which are unhappy. Every year healthcare costs increase while overall health decreases; people continue to eat poorly, gain weight and depend on medications and operations to maintain their health.

How prosperity of nation depends on healthcare system

More than 66% of Indians depend on some or the other illness. That number has greatly increased in the past few years. The rates of diabetes in this country have more than doubled between 1980 and today. Mortality rate from cardiovascular disease, such as coronary heart disease, liver, kidney diseases, cancers are very high. Nearly 40% of all the deaths in India are due to underlying heart, liver, kidney disease.

Any healthcare system must address the underlying factors that lead to chronic disease. We need to create a system that focuses on overall health care and wellness.

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The health care system in India is corrupt and broken. Our system is designed not for health-care, but disease-care. People pay monthly premiums ensuring their diseases are well taken care of after they have manifested. This does not keep insured people healthy, but it certainly profits medical and hospital fraternity. We believe we need to begin spending money where it can benefit us most on exceptional preventive-care and prevention of disease.

For any nation to prosper in health, it all depends on the state of its healthcare system. Healthcare premiums have doubled in the last few years and millions of Indians are uninsured because of rising costs. Thyrocare can ensure affordable, easily accessible health check-up for all across india.

Let's support Thyrocare in ensuring affordable health check for all and help every Indian be healthy, happy people.

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