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Women's Health, Women's Problem, Irregular Period, Menstrual Disorders

How To Get Periods Fast If Delayed: Home Remedies for Early Periods

HealthcareOnTime Team 2023-06-20 2023-06-30 3 Min Read
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  • how to get periods immediately

    Periods or menstruation is a necessary physiological process for young girls that indicates the end of puberty. It involves the shedding of the mucosal tissue from the inner lining of the uterus. It is part of a monthly menstrual cycle and lasts for 3-5 days on average. The release of blood from the vagina is essential to maintain women’s fertility. 

    Did you know: 

    The condition of missing periods is known as Amenorrhea. 

    • Primary Amenorrhea is when a girl above 15 years of age has not experienced her first period yet. 
    • Secondary Amenorrhea is the absence of periods for more than one cycle.  

    Consult a  doctor immediately if you have missed your periods for over two cycles. 

    Reasons For Delayed Periods

    Periods usually follow a 28-day cycle, and women with regular periods observe its recurrence in a similar timeline. However, in certain cases, periods may be delayed. Let us understand the major reasons behind it: 

    Hormonal Changes: As women approach the age of 40 and beyond, they may start experiencing significant hormonal changes in females that disrupt their natural menstrual cycles. These changes signify the onset of menopause, during which menstruation ceases completely. 

    Weather Changes: In some cases, extreme weather conditions may disrupt your normal cycle and lead to delayed periods. Sudden changes in weather often lead to changes in your hormone. The Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is known to increase in summer, leading to longer periods. Whereas in winter, periods are often delayed. During summers, the probability of yeast functions increases, which again leads to irregular or delayed periods. 

    Stress: Stress is a major contributor to delayed periods in women and needs to be managed effectively through lifestyle changes. Since the women’s body is regulated by hormones that have a direct impact on their emotions, a stressed state of mind also has a reverse effect on your body and leads to delayed periods. 

    Medical Conditions: Yeast and fungal infections, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOD), thyroid issues, or diabetes can often result in delayed and irregular periods. 

    Medications: Certain medications like birth control pills, hormonal pills, and medications for cancer treatment can delay your periods. 

    Pregnancy: One of the major reasons for delayed or missing periods is if the woman gets pregnant. During pregnancy, the lining that is built up from the hormones estrogen and progesterone fertilizes the egg. Thus, it eliminates the need for the lining to break down and shed. 

    Did you know: 

    Inducing periods by consuming certain foods in case of pregnancy might result in a miscarriage. If your period is delayed due to a possible pregnancy, it is best to get tested before trying to induce periods through supplements. 

    How To Induce Period Naturally?

    Having regular periods is a sign of a healthy body. If you are unable to experience a normal cycle, you first need to consult with a gynecologist to understand the reason behind your delayed periods. Once the doctor rules out any medical condition, you need to make lifestyle changes to induce period fast. Here are some effective home remedies that can help you get early periods. 

    Change your diet: Several women are often looking for answers on how to get periods immediately. Luckily, there are some food groups that assist the onset of periods. These foods contain a lot of heat and spice, which increases your chances of uterine contractions. Citrus foods have also been known to increase your levels of estrogen, thus leading to a breakdown of the uterine wall and, eventually, bleeding through the vagina. Apart from these, there are certain ways to induce periods by consuming these foods:

    • Ginger
    • Pineapple
    • Beetroot
    • Turmeric 
    • Parsely 

    Practice yogasanas : Ancient Indian sciences offer several remedies for a range of issues. In yoga, there are certain asanas or postures that help the female body and its hormonal changes. Postures involving the pelvic region often regularize the menstrual cycle in women. 

    Induce warmth in the body: A warm bath or compress is the best answer to how to make your period come faster. As discussed earlier, warm environments increase the production of FSH, which results in periods. Additionally, a warm, soothing bath also relaxes your body and balances the hormones present. 

    Perform sex: In certain cases, sex has been known to induce periods faster. The release of endorphins and oxytocins helps reduce stress, which calms your body. Moreover, the hormones estrogen and progesterone are also elevated, which maintains a hormonal balance in your body. 

    Relax and meditate: If you feel that none of the remedies are working, try relaxing and meditating for some time. It manages your body and mind and helps maintain a proper balance. A stress-free mind is the first step toward a healthy life, and meditation can help you achieve this. 

    Medication: Birth control pills are the best tablets to get periods immediately. As suggested by doctors, too, it is effective and hassle-free. However, these tablets present potential risks that further lead to hormonal imbalances. 

    Did you know: 

    You should consult a doctor if you have delayed periods or periods before your menstrual cycle is over. A regular period lasts for 3-5 days. Anything longer than that needs immediate attention.

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    FAQs Around Inducing Periods

    How to get periods overnight?

    It is not medically certain to achieve periods overnight. However, some home remedies and medications assist in getting periods early.

    Why is my period late?

    You may experience a delay in your period due to a number of reasons:

    1. Pregnancy
    2. Changes in Hormone
    3. Weather Conditions
    4. Stress
    5. Medications and Underlying medical conditions

    How to get periods immediately to avoid pregnancy?

    In order to avoid pregnancy and get your period immediately, it is best to take a birth control pill. Home remedies can be tried, but they cannot ensure any results.

    Can birth control pills regulate your period?

    Birth control pills regulate your periods, but most of the time, their outcome is uncertain. It is best to consult your doctor to get proper information on this matter.

    What are the health risks of inducing your period?

    The most concerning health risk of inducing periods will occur if you are pregnant. Doing so can result in miscarriage, which has its own set of health hazards.


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