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How to Put an End to Backache

How to Put an End to Backache

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2021-11-30

Backache: One of the most common conditions, which all of us go through more than once in our lifetime. While many of us may be experiencing it while reading this, we at most of the times tend to just ignore it. It does subside, maybe with application of an ointment or some pain relief cream. But, what if we could prevent it in the first place? What if we can completely put an end to it?

How to Put an End to Backache

Who can get a backache?

Anybody can suffer from a back pain, when the following risk factors are not addressed on time,

Age: It is one of the most important factors that increases one's chances of suffering from backache. The older we get, more common will be the back pain.

Runs in the family: If you have a family history of back pain or a family member who is suffering from arthritis of the spine, chance of acquiring backache increases.

Certain diseases: Certain types of arthritis or cancers can also increase the risk of back pain.

Low physical activity: If one is very less active physical, any kind of sudden strain can increase the risk of backache.

Being obese or overweight: If overweight, you again stand a chance of stressing your back, thereby falling prey to frequent backaches.

Job calls for it: If one's job involves too much of lifting, pushing, pulling heavy things thereby making one twist their spine, resulting into back pain. Also, if one fails to sit upright while working at a desk for the whole day, it may also lead to back pain.

Smoking: It deprives the body from getting all the nutrients, especially our back bone and its discs which ultimately increase the risk.

What can give rise to back pain?
Though there are numerous causes, which may be linked to most of the above risk factors, mechanical strain on the back becomes the ultimate aspect that gives rise to back pain. These may include tension in the muscles, breakdown or disc rupture, spasms, etc. Also, certain diseases or conditions such as arthritis, kidney stones and even pregnancy can give rise to back pain.

Diagnose it soon
Well, yes most of us may take it lightly that the back pain could be a normal occurrence. But, a frequent back pain is something which should not be ignored and require immediate attention to understand its causes and how to treat it. Diagnosis of back pain and its causes may differ with a foremost understanding of the history behind it. If the back pain doesn't subside even after over-thecounter medications, other tests such X-rays, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography PET-CT Scan and blood tests are recommended.

Ignorance is not a bliss here!
Yes, while most of us may neglect that back pain, it is always recommended to treat it before it gets severe and starts affecting the daily activities. The type of treatment highly depends on the kind of pain one experiences and also, when the causative factors are certain diseases. Acute back pain is usually treated with over-the-counter medications and few home remedies; however, chronic back pain requires proper medical attention.

Cold/Hot Packs These help in soothing a stiff back and any kind of soreness present in the back. Heat packs help to reduce muscle spasms and pain, cold packs reduce swelling and helps to numb deep veins. This treatment is usually ideal for acute back pain, but does least in case of chronic pain.

Exercise Proper exercises and practicing yoga postures may help one ease a chronic backache. However, they should be performed only when suggested/prescribed by a doctor or a physical therapist.

Medications Over-the-counter medications and pain killers are used to treat acute pains.

Changes in behaviour / Working styles If your work involves activities which may stress your back, then practice ways to lift, push, pull with putting less stress on the back. Take breaks in between and give rest to your back.

Improve your way of doing activities with less stress on your back or any part of the body. Practice proper postures of standing, sitting and lifting heavy objects and these will surely put an end to backache!


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