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Organic Vs Conventional Food - An Insider Look

Organic Vs Conventional Food - An Insider Look

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-01-14

Many people have started incorporating 'organic food' in their diet because it is toxin free and they find it to be tastier and healthier than the conventional ones.

Why is it that most of us nowadays have more preference for the farmfresh food allergies over the store-bought food? It is a very common sight to see people purchasing groceries, fruits, vegetables and other food products on the basis of how fresh, bright, most preferred by other customers or more exotic they appear.

Organic Vs Conventional Food - An Insider Look

With every season and with every generation there is an even better version of Trend.

"Food is the fuel for our body". It nourishes our body internally and externally So, to maintain our body in the pink of health, diet should be regularly checked. The state of your health is directly proportional to the quality of food you consume.

Coming to food quality, since the past 5-6 years our chain of thoughts have trailed backwards, right to the origin of food allergies industry, i.e. production of food in the agricultural land. Researchers, Scientists and nutritionists have a constant debate every passing season of harvest, about whether the organic production of food is better or conventional

What is so controversial about Organic Food?
The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) has defined the term 'organic' in agriculture aspect as "The organic meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products that come from animals who are given no antibiotics or growth Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)." Organic food is produced without using most of the conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation

So how far organic is the 'Organic food'? The answer is - Depends! This is because not all organic products are 100% organic, also not 100% pesticide free.

How is organic food different from conventional food?
Organic is grown more by nature independently, where as conventional is with man-made additives. There is indeed a huge difference between the organic and conventional products, but it depends on how you are measuring it as.

Organic products
Environmental Impact:
Require 40% more land for farming than the conventional method, thus making it unsustainable over a period of time.
Over-intake of nutrients by plants from manure disrupts balance in the ecological cycle.

Health Impact:
Consumption of raw food increases the risk of microbial infections.
Advantages of Organic Products
- Good Taste
- Better shelf Life
- GMO-free

Conventional Products
Environmental Impact:
1. Use of artificial chemicals has a considerable effect on emission of Green house gases.
2. Excessive farming leads to soil erosion due to draining of nutrients and loss of trace elements.

? Health Impact:
1. A consistent intake of or exposure to chemicals can cause allergies, defects, disorders, and some might even be cancerous.
2. Cleaning of foods does not completely remove the pesticides thus risking your health.

Advantages of Conventional products
- Way cheaper than organic
- Easily accessible
- Processed food lowers the risk of microbial and bacterial infections
- Added essential nutrients

Mend the Trend! Natural does not always mean better and all those not produced naturally and rather processed with additives which makes it look attractive and high brand cannot be a "be all and eat all".

When buying food, one should always be judicious and choose wisely as per their personal requirement.

You can mend the trend by choosing a particular type of food because you like or because you have been prescribed by a nutritionist.


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