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Right time Right food

HealthcareOnTime Team 2022-04-29 2023-08-15 3 Min Read
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  • Right time Right food

    How many times have we been reprimanded by our grandparents and parents to avoid eating oily snacks late night or avoid consuming certain fruits with milk? Well if you haven't been told, no harm done, as this excerpt will help you time your s, which in turn will clock your body! Human body is a machine that runs on a biological clock. Every cellular function inside, is clocked to precision and the fuel for this is definitely the food we eat.

    Food is the principal fuel for the body and its assimilation involves multiple enzymatic processes which are neatly timed by our body clock. If one has breakfast at 7 am, then dinner should not exceed beyond 7 pm, is the ideal way of timing food intake. Eating at the right time is termed as "Nutrient timing". It serves several purposes like nutrient partitioning, improves health and body composition and enhances workout recovery.

    Breakfast Time (8.00 AM)
    Cheese, dried apricots, figs, eggs and olives are the ideal foods to eat in the morning. Eggs help build concentration throughout the day and accelerate burning of fat. Apricots and figs help to activate the digestive system and kickstart the metabolism of the body. However, the same if consumed at dinner, may lead to acidity and indigestion. Breakfast should also include enough carbohydrates to fuel the entire day's activity. A glass of fresh fruit juice will also supply abundant micronutrients and required antioxidants.

    Lunch Time (1.00-2.00 PM)
    Meat, salad, pulses and yogurt are great inclusions for a complete lunch. Consumption of meat should ideally be during the day rather than night as it is one of the most difficult diets to be digested. Yogurt, a probiotic that aids in digestion and fat metabolism, is a rich source of calcium. Green salad consumption ensures micronutrient supply to the body, while proteins cover up for supplying energy.

    Snacks Time (4.00-5.00 PM)
    An evening meal is an essential to continue routine without starving the system. It may include fresh fruit juices, milk, some light and healthy snacks. Milk serves as the best source of calcium when consumed between the meals. However, consumption of the same in the morning, may cause bloating and indigestion, especially if lactose intolerant or malabsorbant.

    Dinner Time (6.00 -7.00 PM)
    Consuming legumes like lentils, dry beans along with salad is beneficial for dinner. Keeping the dinner light and consuming oil and fat free food are important to prevent the system from burdening. Since physical activity is the lowest at this time, a low-calorie intake becomes a must.

    Fruits can be consumed after a half an hour break before or after dinner. A glass of milk before bed has shown to induce good night's sleep. Foods are every being's necessity for survival, as they are the ones providing our body the energy it requires to function. But foods of right amount, at right time and in right quantity alone will help us maintain a smooth and hassle free metabolism.

    Early to Bed with a Timely Meal, makes your system Healthy and Clean


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