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Superfoods For Winter Season

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-10-21 Superfoods For Winter Season

After the long monsoon and October heat, cold winds and chills have finally hit us! It's that time of the year when those extra 5 mins in the cozy warm bed are more appreciated than moving out to go for any other activity. Nevertheless, the season does make the climate pleasing. Speaking of this coolest time of the year, it also becomes important that we stay healthy enough to cope with the climatic change and essentially keep ourselves warm outside with sweaters/blankets/shawls and inside with food! So, lets see what are the best treats one should look forward to make this season sound enough for our body to enjoy!

The cooler it gets the perfect time it becomes to open that packet of Oatmeal. Yes! Oats are whole grains and the best form of fiber to keep you warm, while also keeping a check on your cholesterol levels. Moreover, a best form of breakfast on a chilling day, porridge made with oatmeal and topped with handful of dry fruits is indeed a treat!

Hot Chocolate
Mmmmm... A yummy treat again! A cup of hot chocolate on a chilly morning is not only a treat for the kids but also for you! Moreover, cocoa is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that helps in boosting your immune system to combat with cold and flu that may hit during winters.

How can we forget! Soup is a real delight and with winters in town no one can say a NO! Be it green leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkin or beans, boil them up and mash to keep you warm. But ensure, they are healthy and not stuffy by avoiding too many cheesy toppings. Spice them up with little cumin or chilli pepper and enjoy the slurp!

Green Tea
A powerful antioxidant and with strong antiviral and antibacterial properties, green tea forms a best concoction for a winter evening. Green tea also possess antioxidants which aid in fighting against cold and flu which may strike with the cold climate.

Wheat germ
Nutritionally rich, wheat germ is yet another good options to cope with winters. Loaded with iron, zinc, Vitamin B and vitamin E which is also an antioxidant, keeps your immune system strong. So, top this nutty flavoured treat on salads, cereals or even on porridge to make a delightful, warm and healthy start on a winter day.

This root vegetable is a delight when used in salads, soups or any other preparation. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which are essential and protective towards fighting infections, especially during these cold months of winter.

These tiny treats are the best choice to relish on during winters to keep you warm. But ensure that you don't go overboard and cross the limits. Nuts like almonds and walnuts are loaded with good fats and omega-3 fatty acids, respectively which aid in decreasing many complications related to heart along with keeping you warm.

An important component of an Indian kitchen, spices too will help to keep you warm during winters. Garlic, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, clove, chilli peppers, etc. are few of the hit list spices to stick to during winters. Besides keeping you warm they are best sources of compounds with antioxidant and antiinflammatory activity, thus helping to keep you healthy and away from colds and flu.

A sweet and safe treat for winters, honey has many antibacterial properties which will help you to keep safe from any season driven sicknesses like cold and fever. Have a spoonful before going to bed or club it with a cup of warm milk for an added advantage.

Though the cold winds will blow, make sure that you have these delights on your food platter to keep your health away from colds and flu.


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