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Top Healthiest Fruits For Our Body With Its Nutritional Benefits In Combating Diseases

Top Healthiest Fruits For Our Body With Its Nutritional Benefits In Combating Diseases

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-04-05

Fruits as Nature's Gift
How many times have we heard the adage "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Many of us would have been surprised by our grandparents, who at a ripe old age of 70+ are able to read the paper without a reading glass or move around without pain. In comparison, for the current generation working an entire day is a herculean task, and physical exertion is something which is not even imaginable as a routine! What has fueled this WiFi generation's need for comfort in everything?

Top Healthiest Fruits For Our Body With Its Nutritional Benefits In Combating Diseases

The major culprit being lifestyle habits as well as the current diet trends. With a simplified life and meal being the only basic requirements of the yesteryear generation, the current trend is based on "The more the merrier" in all aspects. This has resulted in the human body losing its power in a very short span of time, which is reflected in multiple ways like hair loss, loss of vision, aching joints, etc.

This stark difference in the health barometer between generations, can be attributed majorly to the diet patterns being followed. Naturopathy has been practised for generations which involves reaping benefit from nature's gift, especially fruits which are packed with elixir fostering good health.

Fruits are the richest source of all essential nutrients which include water and fat soluble vitamins, essential minerals like sodium and potassium, calcium, etc. to name a few. Apart from these, fruits are also considered to be rich sources of fiber and natural sugars like glucose and fructose, along with some even being rich in iron and antioxidants. Together these aid in keeping the biological system fit combating fatigue. Let us understand in brief the gift each common fruit has to offer:

- Reduces bad cholesterol
- Prevents Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
- Reduces risk of pancreatic cancer
- Boosts immune system
- Effective in curing diarrhea
- Whitens and keeps the teeth healthy
- Decreases the risk of Diabetes by maintaining the blood sugar level

- It contains mood boosting neurotransmitter serotonin (tryptophan in banana converts to serotonin), hence effectively treats Depression
- Maintains blood sugar level, protects from type Il diabetes
- Aids in production of blood cells
- Improves functioning of the nervous system
- Lowers blood pressure and protects from heart stroke
- Helps in digestion

- It is an energy booster, as it is rich in natural sugars, eg: glucose
- It is found to be effective in curing abdominal cancer
- Prevents anemia
- Good for functioning of the nervous system

- It's a good immune system booster
- It is used for curing asthma and migraine
- Improves brain functioning
- Strengthens the bones
- Prevents breast cancer
- Provides relief from constipation
- Reduces the risk of kidney disorders

- Useful in maintaining proper vision
- Maintains blood pressure
- Controls heart rate
- Useful in treatment of asthma
- Prevents colon cancer by purging accumulated toxins
- Improves digestion
- Slows ageing process and keeps skin healthy

- Reduces heart strokes by preventing formation of any blood clots in arteries .
- Effective in easing constipation
- Aids in teeth whitening

Reduces hypertension by maintaining blood pressure
- Keeps the skin and hair moisturised
- Prevents cancer
- keeps the digestive tract healthy
- Prevents dehydration
- Contains electrolytes which beats the scorching summer heat, thus protecting from sun stroke

- Rich in antioxidants
- Packed with vitamins like A, C and folate
- Maintains effective blood circulation
- Aids in maintenance of good skin texture

Such is the beauty of nature, which has given mankind innumerable amounts of magic ingredients to ensure we lead a healthy life. But alas, with the need to lead an easy life, even fruits in the form of artificial fruit juices and bars have only become a convenience. What is not understood is that every food needs to be incorporated in a way by which its maximum benefit can be reaped. When it comes to fruits, biting your way into the core of the same is the best way to absorb the maximum benefits.

So next time you visit the market, do not forget to fill your baskets with the colorful gifts of nature, to literally give a fruit punch for your system! Nature's bounty filled with magic ingredients that nourish the body.


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