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What are different automations used in Thyrocare lab

What are different automations used in Thyrocare lab?

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2021-06-14

Automation Enhances the floor efficiency: When it comes to accuracy, Thyrocare sets its own standards in Indian diagnostics industry with the state-of-the-art automation and analyzers on the lab floor and stringent quality control programmes. Thyrocare is a TAT bound laboratory with three operational stages namely, pre-analytical, analytical and post- analytical all automated to a great extent. Pre-analytical automatio As the samples reach the lab floor, before they are taken up for processing, they undergo fitness analysis. All samples come in uniquely barcoded vials, which are read and sorted automatically by advanced sample sorters, so as to reach different departments on the lab floor. Pre-analytical phase automation involves HCTS2000 - m.u.t and the RSD Pro, which read the barcode and sort the samples as per the department it has to reach first.

What are different automations used in Thyrocare lab

Thyrocare is a busy laboratory with dozens of floor standing analyzers, coonected to track automation, processing thousands of samples each hour. When it comes to the latest in technology, Thyrocare has always been the first in introducing them on its floor usually followed suit by other major laboratories in the country much later. Thyrocare is the first in the country to have installed the 'Total Laboratory Automation' (TLA) or the LabCell from Siemens in the year 2010. This 27 meter long track is capable of transferring 6,000 specimens each night from its entry point to multiple immunoassay analyers (CLIA) connected to it. Equipped with barcode scanners and a separate CentraLink Data Management System (dedicated LIS), which tracks and stores all information generated from the track, TLA's sample managers (load and deload the sample le tubes) and robotic arm for handling sample tubes are features that help manage analytical operations smoothly . The laboratory's vision of constantly updating itself with newer technologies to enhance quality and increase productivity, has helped acquire another complete laboratory automation system - the Aptio' from Siemens on our lab floor in 2014, another first in the country .

With the laboratory volumes spiraling, a need for updating the track automation was felt . Aptio' came as a promising solution , once again insalled for the first time in the country . 93.5 meters long, this track connects the input, Output, pre- and post-processing modules of the analyzers efficiently. Unlike LabCell, Aptio was able to handle Photometry analyzers as well and it has a capacity to handle upto 50,000 samples each night. Equipped with in-built barcode s canners in the track and its own dedicated sample managers to handle sample flow and data management system, Aptio' aids at reducing TAT to a great extent and eases analytical and post-analytical operations.


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