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What are Quality standards in Thyrocare testing service

What are Quality standards in Thyrocare testing service?

Posted By Rupa Jaiswal Posted on Jan 16, 2021

Less of an accident and more of a genuine intention is Quality. Keeping this genuine intention at a primary pedestal, Thyrocare continues to provide the best possible service in the diagnostic industry. Using Quality Management System (QMS) that devises detailed quality protocols and standard operating protocol (SOPs), the laboratory achieves its impeccable operations with high level of accuracy. Pre-analytical quality control checks > Barcoding > Sealed collection kits > Cold chain system . These maintain and assure quality even before the actual testing commences. Analytical quality control checks are taken care by two routine activities: > Internal Quality Control (IQC) > External Quality Control (EQC)

What are Quality standards in Thyrocare testing service

Internal Quality Control (IQC) It refers to continuous quality monitoring of operations during sample processing at various intervals , which are , > Pre -QC : After the reqular maintenance process , all the analyzers are checked for error and calibrated for the given set of tests .Analyzers are brought online for processing only after its accuracy is checked for .> Mid-QC: This is performed in between the process to see that the accuracy is still maintained.Post - QC: This check is done during closure of processing. All these in-house quality checks help maintain accuracy in results and guide in taking timely corrective actions in case of occurrence of errors . External Quality Control (EQO) It refers to analytical quality check provided by external bodies . Although an IQC evaluation aids in evaluating the analytical quality perfomance , an EQC check involves inter-laboratory comparison for monitoring performance with other laboratories world over , giving a broader picture upon comparison with global standards .

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All the 200+ tests in Thyrocare test menu are evaluated multiple times by such Proficiency Testing (PT) services to instill higher and robust levels of quality practices . A dedicated QC team - tests, analyses and reports the sample received from these agencies . And in case of any unacceptable or alarming performance, the team finds the exact root cause to identify and avoid any such occurrence in Future .

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