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Winterise Your Skin In Winter

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-10-24 Winterise Your Skin In Winter

Winters... Oh dear Winters are here with long nights and cold winds in full gear. But beware it comes along with many troubles! Among them is against your loving fur!
So protect your skin from these perils. In winters, Winterise your skin!

Dry hands, cracked heels and chapped lips; this is not something new that comes up with winters. While the cold breeze makes one feel pleasant, at the same time drops the humidity levels in the environment making it all dry. This eventually also contributes to drain all the moisture from our skin, causing it to become dry, chapped and even itchy at times. It doesn't end there, our skin also gets equally vulnerable to many infections and even conditions like eczema. So now that we are already in the coldest month of the year, lets give our first line of defense (yes our skin) some attention to keep it moist, supple and away from infections.

Here are some Tips for skin care in this chilled winter season

  • No Hot showers!
    Not saying a complete no, but mind the temperature of water that you use for shower. Hot water drains out all the moisture and natural oils from our skin making it dry and flaky as compared to warm water. Also, avoid long showers or baths to minimise its effect on the skin. Limit them to a minimum of 5 to 10 mins per day, as anything above that will eventually decrease the levels of moisture in your skin.

  • Harsh Cleansers - Avoid Avoid!
    A most important factor when it comes to keep your skin clean - cleanser. There are many of our favourite brands and fragrances which we like to use to make our skin smell good, but when it comes to winter it is also important to check the contents of the same. Cleansers which have too much of fragrance base can turn to become harsh on our skin during winters. Hence, ensure that at least during winters you go for products that are non-alkaline, soap-free and as mild as possible. Look for products which have essential oils loaded in them, such as shea butter, jojoba oil, etc. Also, avoid products with surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate which forms a base to many cleansers and soap products as during winters. They contribute to drain the natural oils from your skin making it dry and chapped.

  • Keep it Moisturised...
    Ensure post a shower you moisturise your skin thoroughly. This is important because post shower your skin is damp and will allow the moisturiser to work better in keeping it moist and away from becoming dry or itchy. Also, ensure to apply moisturiser at least twice a day with special attention to your hands, feet, knees and elbows. This is important because these sites are more exposed to wear and tear movements throughout the day which make them naturally prone to become dry. The kind of moisturiser used also plays a role; moisturisers with lactic acid help in exfoliating the dead and dry skin while infusing moisture back.

  • Hydrated In & Out!
    Though moisturising your skin will keep it supple, it is equally important that you keep your body hydrated from within by drinking plenty of fluids. When it is said, it should be a considerate proportion of every kind of beverage right from that hot cup of tea/coffee that will keep you warm during winters to ample amount of water that help flush out toxins from the skin and make it still better to retain moisture. Also, ensure you have good amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet to keep your skin again toxin-free and clear.

  • Eat Omega-3 foods
    Eat right amount of foods especially those rich in essential fatty acids like omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids aid in fortifying skin's natural oil retaining capability. Foods rich in omega-3 would include, walnuts, flax, safflower oil, fishes like sardines, salmon, etc.

  • Sunblock important still!
    Yes, though an exposure to direct sun will be minimal, it is still shining out there! So ensure you do not avoid using sunblock when you move out in the sun.

  • Spice it up!
    Yes... A special antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory component is right in our spice box -turmeric. Turmeric helps in healing your skin faster and aiding to keep the glow intact. Also, its anti-bacterial activity ensures to keep your defense strong against many infections.

  • Limit alcohol and caffeine!
    Though this cold climate will get you to sip on that extra cup of tea or coffee, beware it is not recommended to go off limit. Alcohol and beverages with caffeine tend to dehydrate you which will be eventually seen on your skin. So, ensure that you limit your intake of alcoholic and caffeine beverages. May this winter the dry winds blow, ensure you keep your skin healthy, moist and full of glow.


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