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Yoga For Glowing Skin: Easy Yoga Asanas for Health Skin

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-04-18 Yoga For A Glowing Skin

Harness the power of Yoga asanas for a radiant skin - the reflection of your inner health

Glowing faces in beauty cream advertisements make more than half the nation wonder if this is a real possibility? In the pursuit of a fair glowing skin, many a woman and even men resort to most extreme modes of treatment to achieve the epitome of a "falsified" beauty concept. The untold yet known truth is "it is not the colour but the texture of the skin which radiates true inner health".

Yoga and Skin! What's the connection?

All of us face common skin problems such as development of rough and dry skin, outbreak of pimples & acne, tanning, occurrence of premature wrinkles and skin ageing due to stress, weather changes, poor sleep, hormonal changes, faulty food habits and improper digestion. Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as Smoking, alcohol consumption and drug addiction just add fuel to the existing fire leading to development of smoker's lines, delayed wound healing, dehydration, redness and flare-ups of preexisting skin conditions, and many more.

Yoga, an age-old practice which originated in India, consists of a series of physical and mental exercises which aid in keeping a healthy and relaxed body with a disciplined mind. Practising yoga postures or "asanas" is beneficial because they increase blood circulation to all the parts of the body. Often regarded as chest openers or intestine twisters, these postures and bends in yoga increase system's oxygenation, flushes out toxins, strengthens the muscles, thus helping to achieve a cleaner, younger and glowing skin.

Yoga practices - Provide healthy skin naturally!

One can gain the complete benefit of yoga bydoing it accurately coupled with concentrated breathing. These provide a natural flex to body as well as relaxation which emanates out through our skin.
Yoga asanas aid in efficient regulation of the excretory system, alleviating constipation and ensuring a better functioning of the digestive system.
Beat the heat by practicing asanas which provide a cooling effect on the skin.
They also purify blood which aid in healing of wounds and skin infections providing a blemishfree skin.
It is rightly said, a good night's sleep of 8-10 hours is essential for a flawless lustrous skin, and yoga asanas foster a deep sleep by easing down muscles, boosting serotonin and melatonin production, hence, reducing levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.
When one practices yoga asanas on a daily basis, skin infections heal at a faster pace due to proper blood circulation.
Inflammation is your body's response to stress and free radicals released due to accumulated toxins in our body can damage the internal organs over time.
Practicing yoga asanas on a daily basis aids in detoxification and reduction of inflammation which if persists constantly, can lead to ageing and disease onset.
To obtain holistic results from yoga, one should also follow a yoga diet (sattvik) comprising of simple vegetarian food with lots of fresh veggies and fruits, devoid of aerated drinks, coffee and alcohol. Abstain from smoking and cultivate a habit of starting the day early.
Meditate twice a day for around 10-15 minutes as it has been known to enhance the results of yoga profoundly.

Few Yoga practices- Bestow maximum benefits when done rightly!

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Lie on the floor on your stomach, placing hands beside shoulders, push yourself up and look towards the sky. Deeply exhale and come back to the original position. The stretch in stomach region increases the blood flow speed, thereby enhancing digestion efficiency.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Lie on the floor keeping hands close to your body's side and push chest upwards in-between the shoulder blades. When body arches back, blood gushes to face improving facial blood circulation.

Halasana (Plow Pose)

Lying on the floor, raise both the legs slowly. Touch the floor behind your head and hold the pose keeping your back as a support. Forces blood into head and face region increasing blood circulation, thereby fostering glow.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Seated Twist)

Sit with the legs extended in front. Bend right leg and place the right sole of your foot next to left knee. Twist your torso to left and place your right hand behind for support. Press the outside of right knee with elbow to increase the twist. Breathe deeply through nose and stay for one minute in the posture. Repeat on the other side. Drink water after finishing practice. Improves digestion and detoxifies the body.

It goes without saying that yoga stabilises hormones, keeping skin resilient, preventing dryness and sagging, but one should make it a habit to practice it regularly. It's no longer a far-fetched dream to achieve a healthy radiant skin, and the good news is one need not depend on chemical based expensive beauty packages for acquiring it. A simple four letter word - Yoga- and the acquired lasting glimmer on your face from practicing it is yours to keep for long! With a little bit of yoga, ample water intake and a healthy diet, glowing skin will be at your doorstep within a very short and definite period!


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