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Lipid profile (Cholesterol Test)

A lipid profile, or a lipid panel, is a set of blood tests used to detect lipid abnormalities like cholesterol and triglycerides. The findings of this test can help diagnose specific hereditary illnesses and estimate the risk of cardiovascular disease, pancreatitis, and other ailments. In addition, the lipid profile test price is very affordable.

Experts routinely request Lipid panels and other panels like the complete blood count and basic metabolic panel as a part of a physical exam.

When your blood contains too many lipids (triglycerides and cholesterol), they can build up in your blood vessels and arteries, causing damage and increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease. 

As a result, healthcare providers utilize lipid panels and offer different lipid profile test costs to assess the risk of cardiovascular disorders such as cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrest (myocardial infarction), and stroke in children and adults.

Why get the lipid profile test to detect cholesterol?

Experts may recommend a lipid panel blood test for various reasons. For example, healthcare providers frequently use lipid panels for screening and monitoring.

If you risk having cardiac disease, your doctor may recommend regular lipid panel screenings to determine increased cholesterol levels before any symptoms appear.

Children can have excessive cholesterol; thus, a lipid panel blood test may be required for them too. Ideally, three factors influence cholesterol levels in children - inheritance, nutrition, and obesity. The majority of children with high cholesterol have a parent who also has high cholesterol. In such a scenario, you can opt for an affordable cholesterol test cost from Thyrocare.

Lipid profile Test

No of parameters: 8 Tests

Lipid profile test price Rs. 800 Offer Price Rs. 500

Good vs. Bad Cholesterol

Another name for LDL cholesterol is "bad cholesterol." which transfers cholesterol from your liver to your arteries. LDL cholesterol might build up on your arteries' walls if your levels are too high. Another name for this accumulation is Cholesterol plaque.

It can restrict your arteries, lower blood flow, and increase your risk of blood clots. A heart attack can occur when a blood clot plugs an artery in your heart or brain.

In contrast, some refer to HDL cholesterol as "good cholesterol." because it helps remove the LDL cholesterol from your body by returning it to your liver. This reduces the cholesterol plaque buildup in your arteries. HDL cholesterol levels that are healthy can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, blood clots, and stroke.

The importance of the lipid profile test

A person's initial cholesterol screening should take place between the ages of 9 and 11 and then every five years after that, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

NHLBI recommends cholesterol screenings for men between 45 to 65 years every 1 to 2 years, while women aged between 55 to 65 years should get tested in the same time frame. Cholesterol tests should be done annually for individuals over the age of 65. 

And you can easily get an affordable cholesterol test price from the varied list of lipid profile test packages available with Thyrocare.



Thyrocare has excellent diagnostic care and offers the most affordable cholesterol test price. Its lipid profile test examines eight parameters, providing consumers with a complete picture of their cholesterol profile. Thyrocare also provides exclusive benefits, including home sample collection, cost-effectiveness, 100 percent hygienic labs, professional technicians, and quicker report delivery.

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FAQs on Lipid profile Test

What is Lipid Profile?

A Lipid Profile is a combination of blood tests used to gauge the levels of specific lipids or fats inside the blood. The lipid profile blood test helps check whether an individual has a sound, well balanced eating routine, and regardless of whether they are at any danger for the advancement of heart issues. If there should be an occurrence of elevated cholesterol, treatment plans and eating changes can be recommended to forestall intricacies. Our lipid profile test cost considerably low and it is a standard wellbeing test that is encouraged each year for grown-ups aged 40+.

What is the primary use of a lipid profile test?

A lipid profile test cost is considerably low and it is used for checking cholesterol levels in the body.. Cholesterol can be separated into 2 classes, good and bad. Be that as it may, a good one should be available in the body, however an excessive amount of cholesterol is additionally not good for sound living.

What are the Risk Factors for high cholesterol levels?

Cardiovascular illnesses are one of the main sources of death in India. The accompanying risk factors of cardiac risk are:
Physical fitness and lifestyle
Dietary patterns and diet
Non Modifiable risk factors
Family History

What are the Components of a Lipid Profile Test?

Lipids are fats or fat-like substance that serves as a significant wellspring of energy. A Lipid profile test commonly incorporates the accompanying part:

Total Cholesterol

This test measures cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol isn't something like fat that lounges around your midriff or thighs. It goes through your circulatory system via transporters, lipids and Proteins known as lipoproteins. Two kinds of lipoproteins convey cholesterol to and from the cell. These Lipoproteins are HDL and LDL.

HDL (High-Density Lipoproteins Cholesterol)

It estimates the HDL level in blood. HDL is otherwise called "Good Cholesterol" as it eliminates overabundance of cholesterol and conveys it to the liver for expulsion.

LDL(Low-Density Lipoproteins Cholesterol)

It estimates the LDL level in the blood. LDL is otherwise called "Bad Cholesterol" as it stores at the walls of veins and may prompt artery diseases or any heart-related infection.


These are the most normal fat found in the blood. At the point when you eat, your body changes over any calories it doesn't have to utilize immediately into fatty substances. The fatty substances are put away in your fat cells. Afterwards, hormones discharge triglycerides for energy between meals. Undeniable degree of triglycerides might prompt over-weight or any heart-related infection.

VLDL ( Very Low-Density Cholesterol)

This is a bad type of cholesterol and it adds to the obstructing of veins which might prompt a coronary attack.


In straightforward words, you might comprehend this proportion as Good cholesterol versus Bad cholesterol. A higher proportion demonstrates a decent state of the heart and a lower proportion shows a poor state of the heart.

Total Cholesterol/ HDL Ratio

A larger number of this proportion shows that your heart is in danger. To ascertain your cholesterol, divide your T.cholesterol number to HDL Number.

Non- HDL Cholesterol

As total cholesterol incorporates both good and bad cholesterol levels, it doesn't present an unmistakable picture. In this way, Non-HDL cholesterol gives us a comprehensive list of all the bad cholesterol.

Lipid Profile Test Normal Range and Values

As lipids are fundamental fats inside our bodies, we need them for our prosperity. Nonetheless, there is a particular reach that is advantageous. Besides, there are good and bad sorts of cholesterol. A Lipid profile test comprises various boundaries. The accompanying table gives an ordinary reach diagram of the lipid profile normal range.

Total CHOLESTEROL mg/dl 125-200
TRIGLYCERIDES mg/dl 25-200
LDL/HDL RATIO Ratio 1.5-3.5
NON-HDL CHOLESTEROL mg/dl Less Than 160

Can I Lower My Cholesterol Without Medication?

You can lower or control bad cholesterol by making not many lifestyle changes. Some lifestyle changes which can help are: Stop Smoking
Cutoff Alcohol utilization
Energetic strolling essentially for 15-20 Min. 5 times in seven days.
In case you are overweight, start focusing on physical activities to bring down extra body fat. Continuously talk with your primary care physician before the beginning of any system.
Eat lots of fruit and vegetables every day.
Prefer boiled food rather than fried food.
Eat food varieties with less fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Is There Any Way To Increase The Level Of Cholesterol( HDL) Without Any Medication?

Utilize Olive Oil, following a low Carb or ketogenic diet like entire grains, beans and vegetables can make your Cholesterol level go up.

Difference Between Good & Bad Cholesterol?

Good Cholesterol: HDL (High-density lipoprotein) carries bad cholesterol out of your blood.
Bad Cholesterol: LDL(Low-thickness lipoprotein) is otherwise called bad cholesterol as it stores at the wall of arteries which restricts the blood circulation and increases your chances of getting heart-related illnesses.

What Is The Need For Lipid Profile Test?

Lipid Profile test might be a part of Routine Health check-ups to track down an early indication of sickness. If you have any of the accompanying factors, you should go for a lipid profile test:
Any family background of hypertension
Constant smoker
Constant alcoholic
Obese individuals
Sedentary lifestyle
During Pregnancy
Have any kidney infection, PCOD, Hypothyroidism

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