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Timely Diagnosis, Important factor for Tuberculosis TB Treatment

Focus TB - Towards a TB free world

Tuberculosis has world wide emergence as over nine million new cases of TB are estimated to develop around the world every year. "Early diagnosis and treatment for tuberculosis can turn the tide." Thus for effective TB control plan the diagnosis at the onset of infection is essential.

Risk factors for delayed start of tuberculosis treatment

  • Patient delay - is the period between onset of symptoms and patient's first move towards the hospital to seek treatment. Unawareness is the major factor contributing to such delay .
  • Delay in diagnosis and start of treatment constitutes the health care system delay which may occur due to poorly trained staff or limited diagnostic facilities.
  • Total delay - is the sum of the two durations between onset of symptoms and start of treatment for TB i.e. both patient delay and health care system delay.

Benifits of ALL IN ONE - Whole Genome Sequencing for TB

Tuberculosis Genome Sequencing (TGS) is proving complete comprehensive single test solution of tuberculosis. TGS provides an opportunity Genome Sequencing technology to treat with ideal antibiotics without wasting time. According to the WHO, almost 50 per cent of patients affected by the multidrug-resistant form of TB will die because no drugs are strong enough to treat them. This is where TGS plays a major role to overcome this shortfall.

  • It gives simple and precise results with the advantage of a rapid turn-around-time.
  • Being an evidence-based profiling, the analysis gives results based on the latest available information that is regularly updated.
  • TGS has been optimized by analyzing >10,000 TB genomes and >300 clinical isolates.
  • Antibiogram profile of TGS is far superior than combination of all tuberculosis diagnostics methods (Indivivualised or combined).
  • 12-day cumulated time to diagnosis of TB in critical re-treatment and HIV comorbid cases
  • TGS is a single test solution for rapid and comprehensive DST profiling
  • TGS cuts down TB test cost to almost 50%.
Tuberculosis - Diagnosis and treatment

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