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The term "haemoglobin variant analysis" generally refers to the diagnostic procedures used to identify haemoglobin variants, which identify pertinent alterations in the gene sequence (the deletions and the additions of the genetic sequences). These variations change the biochemical and structural characteristics of haemoglobin, with physiological implications varies from minor to extreme. The genetic alterations that arise in the alpha and beta protein molecules can be identified by haemoglobin variant analysis (HPLC blood Test). With the aid of this test, every gene modification to the plasma can be identified and represented. The healthcare experts would advise a Hemoglobin variations analysis test if you exhibit signs of inexplicable anaemia, microcytosis, hypochromasia, or if you already have a family background of hemoglobinopathy.


What is the variation of haemoglobin?

Numerous blood problems may result from the newborn inheriting abnormal haemoglobin forms and patterns from the parents. The term "Haemoglobin Variants" refers to these.

The haemoglobin variant: how does it happen?

When the tubulin protein's genes are altered, haemoglobin variants are produced. The amino acids used to create the strands of globin protein are altered by variations in the genetic sequence. A variation of haemoglobin is produced by the process of this alteration in amino acid sequence.

Does the test require any preparation?

For this test, there is simply no need for training. If you have any questions, speak with your doctor, who may provide further information about the protocols to be observed based on your medical background.

When taking the test, how will you feel?

If performed by laboratory doctors who are skilled in doing these tests, this exam is painless and quick. It is important to thoroughly sterilise the needle used to draw the blood test in order to avoid any potential future infections.

What are the indications and signs of blood variations of haemoglobin?

A haemoglobin variation has a number of symptoms and indicators that go along with it. Depending on the number of variants present as well as how many of them are combined when more than one haemoglobin variant is present, the indications and symptoms may differ.

- Fatigue and weak 

- Lack of vigour 

- Liver problems

- Skin that is pale; 

- Breathlessness; 

- Enlarged Spleen

Booking Procedure : 

  • Enter your name, location, and mobile number in the registration form.
  • Your name and address will be where samples are gathered. 
  • A 10- to 12-hour fast is necessary.
  • Payment can be made after the registration process is complete. 
  • The accepted payment mode is online. You will have to make the payment through the payment mode provided in the portal itself. No cash shall be accepted considering the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.
  • Soft copy of the report will be provided after 2 to 3 days of the test.
  • Hard copy of the test is also accessible. The patient would have to for atleast 7 to 8 days for the hard copy to be delivered by courier. 
  • The HPLC blood test cost is Rs.520, although it is now available for Rs.500 because of the offer. Book an appointment now as we have kept the HPLC test price very affordable for all the customers.


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