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Selenium Test

  • Sample Type : Blood
  • Parameters : 1
  • Report Time : 24/48 Hrs
  • Home Collection: Yes
  • Fasting : Not Required
  • Age Group: All
OFFER PRICE:  ₹970 ₹1000 30% off


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A Selenium Blood Test is a medical diagnostic test used to determine the amount of selenium in a person's blood. Selenium is an important trace element, which means that it is needed in minute levels for appropriate physiological function in the body. It is essential for a variety of functions, including antioxidant defense, immune system support, and thyroid hormone metabolism.

This blood test is frequently given to determine a person's selenium status. Selenium insufficiency can cause muscle weakness, weariness, and perhaps more serious diseases over time. Excessive selenium consumption, on the other hand, can be detrimental.

Monitoring selenium levels in the blood allows healthcare providers to identify whether a person has an acceptable quantity of selenium, a deficit, or an excess. Based on the findings of the tests, appropriate dietary adjustments or supplementation may be suggested to maintain a healthy selenium balance in the body. When there is a worry about selenium deficiency or excess in the diet, or when specific health conditions or symptoms signal the need for investigation, the test is often recommended.

Selenium levels in blood should be between 70 and 150 micrograms per liter (mcg/L) or micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dL). These values are offered as a guideline only, and particular reference ranges may differ from one medical facility to the next.

It is vital to note that selenium requirements vary depending on age, gender, and individual health conditions. It is always better to evaluate selenium blood test findings in collaboration with a healthcare physician who can provide context and prescribe any necessary steps or interventions based on the patient's individual circumstances.

  • Immune Impairment: Selenium is essential for a healthy immune system, and a lack can make you more susceptible to infections.
  • Cardiovascular Problems: Low selenium levels have been related to an increased risk of heart disease and abnormal heart rhythms.
  • Thyroid Dysfunction: Selenium is required for thyroid hormone conversion, and a lack of it can lead to thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism.
  • Cognitive Decline: Some studies imply a link between selenium insufficiency and cognitive deterioration, such as in Alzheimer's disease.
  • Weakness and Fatigue in Muscles: Selenium is required for muscular health; a deficiency can cause weakness, fatigue, and discomfort.
  • Hair and Nail Changes: Selenium insufficiency can cause hair loss, brittle hair, and nail texture changes.
  • Fertility Problems: Low selenium levels can have an impact on reproductive health and contribute to fertility issues in both men and women. 

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  • Selenosis: An overabundance of selenium can cause selenosis, a condition characterized by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, and skin rashes
  • Gastrointestinal Distress: Elevated selenium levels can induce gastrointestinal distress, such as stomach pain, cramps, and indigestion.
  • Neurological issues: Excess selenium can cause neurological issues such as nerve damage and a disease known as selenium encephalopathy, which can cause confusion and movement difficulties.
  • Respiratory Distress:Breathing difficulties, coughing, and pulmonary disorders have all been linked to selenium poisoning.
  • Hair and Nail Changes: While selenium deficiency can cause hair and nail problems, too much selenium can cause hair loss and nail abnormalities.
  • Cardiovascular Issues: Elevated selenium levels have been related to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and consequences.
  • Digestive System Disorders: Selenium poisoning can cause digestive system disorders such as gastroenteritis and pancreatitis.
  • Renal difficulties: Excessive selenium can put a strain on the kidneys and lead to kidney difficulties.

The cost of the Selenium Blood Test at HealthcareOnTime is INR 970. We offer convenient at-home testing because we understand the importance of timely testing for your health.

In India, the cost of a Selenium Blood Test typically starts at INR 1000. However, it's important to note that these prices may vary depending on the specific laboratory and city where the test is conducted.

The monitoring of your selenium levels is essential for gaining a comprehensive understanding of your health. Selenium is an important trace element with various physiological functions in the body.

At HealthcareOnTime, we are dedicated to making healthcare accessible to everyone. We provide valuable services, including affordable selenium tests, in over 4500+ pincodes nationwide. Your health and well-being are our priority, and we strive to make essential health assessments readily available to all.

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Disclaimer: Although we have endeavoured to provide accurate information on this page, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from your doctor before relying on any of the test ranges or lab-test recommendations mentioned herein.

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The Selenium Test cost is Rs.1000, although it is now available for Rs.970 because of the offer.

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