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Liver Function Test: Purpose, Procedure, Cost, and Risk

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-07-10
Liver Function Test: Purpose, Procedure, Cost, and Risk

In my previous article where I discussed "wellness", I mentioned that routine checkups are important for us to achieve wellness in our lives. Then, I decided why not discuss various types of tests that we should consider for our routine checkups. So, I thought why not start with a liver function test and give you a brief idea about this.

Without much delay let me tell you what topic I will be covering here in this post.

  • What Is a Liver Function Test?
  • Why is a Liver Function test done? 
  • Liver Test Procedure - All You Should Know 
  • Are there any risks associated with a Liver Function Test? 
  • What is the cost of a Liver Function Test? 
  • Where to get the best Liver Function test facility? 
  • Why Choose HealthcareOnTime? 

What Is a Liver Function Test?

As the name suggests, a liver function test checks the functioning of the liver. The liver is a vital organ in our body as it performs major functions like digestion, metabolism, filtration, protein synthesis, detoxification, enzyme production like bile, etc. The liver function test checks all the functions mentioned here. Disruption of the processes performed by the liver leads to various diseases.  

Liver function tests measure different proteins and enzymes with the use of the following tests:

ALT is an enzyme that breaks down proteins into amino acids to release energy for the liver. If the liver does not work properly then this enzyme is released into the body resulting in high ALT.

AST is an enzyme that helps break down amino acids in the body. AST is found in various parts of our body like the heart, brain, pancreas, liver, and muscles. Higher levels of this enzyme in the body may be an indication of liver or muscle damage.

  • Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) test

ALP is also an enzyme that metabolizes proteins in our body. It is present in the liver, bone, kidney and small intestine, and placenta during pregnancy. ALP helps fight bad bacteria in our gut.

Higher levels of this enzyme in the body may be an indication of a blocked bile duct.

  • Albumin and Total protein test

Our liver produces various proteins to fight diseases. Albumin is one such protein that helps in this process.

 Lower levels of albumin and other such proteins may be due to liver damage.

Bilirubin is a waste material that is produced due to the breakdown of red blood cells. It is processed by the liver after it passes through the liver before being excreted as a stool.

Higher levels of bilirubin may be an indication of your liver not functioning properly. Sometimes, it may be due to heredity problems that lead to high bilirubin count, even if the liver works properly.

GGT is an enzyme that acts as a transporter. It helps transport molecules from one place to the other in the body. It is present in the gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys.

Higher levels of GGT in the blood are an indication of severe liver damage.

LD is an enzyme found in the heart, liver, kidney, skeletal muscle, brain, blood cells, and lungs. It helps in cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is a process by which glucose from food is broken down into energy-releasing molecules in our body.

LD test is used to determine tissue damage. Higher levels of LD in our body may be due to liver damage, muscle trauma, and infections like meningitis. Lower levels of LD may be due to high vitamin C intake.

  • Prothrombin time (PT) test

Prothrombin helps blood clot. PT test is done to check how much time prothrombin takes to clot blood.

A higher count of PT may be due to liver damage or if you are taking some blood thinning drugs.

Liver Test Procedure - All You Should Know

For the liver function test, there are a few steps that you need to follow:

  • Visit a nearby hospital or diagnostic centre.
  • The lab technician will numb the area from where the blood will be drawn.
  • The lab technician will then tie an elastic strap on your arm. 
  • The lab technician now will draw blood in a tube with a syringe.
  • Once the tube is filled with blood the elastic strap is removed from the area. 
  • At the place from where the blood is drawn cotton is placed and the patient is asked to press the place.

Why is a Liver Function test done?

A liver function test is a medical test used to check the status of the liver. It is used to diagnose liver diseases and to monitor the effectiveness of liver treatments. Tests may also be used to determine the level of liver enzymes (an indicator of liver damage) and to check for signs of liver cancer. It is performed for the following reasons

-To check for liver damage from hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

-To diagnose symptoms of a liver disorder such as fatty liver.

-To assess treatment for a disease such as gall bladder disease.

-To monitor side effects of a medication that includes stains, antibiotics, NSAIDS, etc.

-To check for liver damage from heavy alcohol use.

Are there any risks associated with a Liver Function Test?

Generally, there is no serious risk associated with the liver function test. But the below-mentioned risk should be taken care of:

  • bleeding under the skin, or hematoma
  • excessive bleeding
  • fainting
  • infection

What is the cost of a Liver Function Test?

The lft test cost depends on the place and the diagnostic center from where you will take up the test. 

The average liver function test price is Rs. 750.

Where to get the best Liver Function test facility?

There are many healthcare centers where you can do liver function tests. But my recommendation is "HealthcareOnTime”.

The liver function test cost at HealthcareonTime is very cheap and best. If are looking for quality service at an affordable lft test price then HealthcareOnTime is best.

To know about various liver test price packages, click here.

Why Choose HealthcareOnTime?

HealthcareOnTime is the best choice for liver function tests in India because of our experienced and qualified staff. The liver test price here is only Rs.618.We offer a variety of testing options, including 24/7 online and phone booking, and we provide reliable and accurate results. Our services are affordable and accessible, making them the perfect choice for anyone in need of Liver Function Test services.

Thank you for choosing HealthcareOnTime!

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FAQs on Liver Function Test

Is a liver function test necessary?

Yes, you must go for a liver function test as a routine checkup. A liver function test will let us know whether our liver is functioning or not.

How often should liver function tests be done?

It is recommended that a liver function test should be considered in your routine checkup. But if find worrying symptoms like severe stomach ache, eating disorders like bulimia nervosa, etc.

Can we take a liver function test at home?

Yes, we can take liver function tests at home.

What causes abnormal liver function?

Abnormal liver function may be due to heredity or obesity or excessive alcohol use.

Why would a doctor recommend a liver ultrasound?

A liver ultrasound is recommended when a doctor suspects liver cancer, tumors, cirrhosis, or Hepatitis.


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