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Seasonal Foods The Occasional Delight

HealthcareOnTime Team 2022-01-18 2023-08-16 3 Min Read
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  • Seasonal Foods The Occasional Delight

    Be it scorching summer or chilling winter, chirpy spring or moist monsoon, it is always the time for your food allergies baskets to be filled with sensational seasonal foods. Variety with time and flavoury with the season, this is the speciality of the new occasional delights.

    Seasonal foods may be common but with not-so-common flavours. Carrots are carrots throughout the year, but, Oh, how bright and juicy do they appear in February while being patchy at other times! That's the magic of seasons! The taste of being natural is the secret of seasonal delights.

    Boons that blossom Seasonally Almost all fruits and vegetables are available throughout the year, that is because they are imported from other parts of the country or world. The time lost in collecting, transporting and preserving, is what causes the quality to start deteriorating. After the produce is picked from the field, it starts to lose its nutritional quality. Thus over the time, you can see fruits and vegetables getting overripe or rotten. Fresh picked is the best picked! The seasonal produce is advantageous because it is

    Rich in nutrients When fruits and vegetables are harvested in their peak season, the levels of nutrients are top notch. Consuming food in the same season they are grown means fresh food is supplied to your table which is not adulterated with artificial sweeteners and growth hormones.

    Contributes towards a better environment When food is grown in their ideal season, essential factors like temperature, climate, growth conditions and supply of energy is taken care of by the environment itself. There are fewer maintenance issues, along with fewer fertilizers and chemicals required for its growth. That's the reason why food is as pure as it is formed in nature consuming it in that very season will be like relishing the taste of nature.

    Gives you in abundance Eating same fruits and vegetables throughout the year makes it lose its essence. But the joy of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables when they are at their best helps you understand the variety of flavours and forms they are naturally available in.

    In India, Mango is the delight that gladdens your taste buds in the season of sizzling summer. Not only does the bright ripened sweetness enchant you, but also the variety of mangoes that is served by nature is enormous and to our heart's content. The zeal of savouring mangoes and their flavoured delicacies reaches a level higher in summers.

    Menu Right from Nature's Kitchen
    The first come first served on the New Year Eve - Season Winter
    Because the temperatures are lower than the normal during this season, nature serves us foods that keep up our immunity and help us stay healthy and warm, such as,
    Vegetables Mushrooms, cabbages, potatoes, beetroots, turnips, carrots, green beans, radish, spinach, cauliflowers, broccoli.
    Fruits Papaya, strawberries, apples, lemons, guava, pomegranate, custard apples, pineapples.

    Nature's culinary weapons to beat the heat - Season Summer
    Due to the blazing summers, the constant perspiration makes you feel heavy and full. Yet also maintains your body temperature. So to have a cool twist, nature serves you with,
    Vegetables Cucumber, eggplant, bottle guard, bitter guard, zucchini, pumpkin, green peas, lettuce.
    Fruits Watermelons, peaches, mangoes, apricots, grapes, kiwi, raspberries.

    To complement the showers of joy - Season Monsoon
    Due to the moist and misty weather, our health becomes vulnerable to infections. To help us shield our body and keep up our immune system, we are served a dose of health with monsoon special, which includes,
    Vegetables Sweet potatoes, corn, ginger, garlic, brusselsprouts, asparagus.

    Fruits Blueberries, apples, cranberries.

    The Seasonal All Rounders Because the joy of relishing nature's freshness should not be prevented from being cherished, an abundance in the list of 365 days service of mother nature serves us with all-round-the-year available farm fresh fruits & vegetables. These fruits and vegetables are as fresh & radiant in January as in December. The food basket throughout the year should include
    Vegetables Tomatoes, eggplant, okra, chayote squash (vegetable pear), horseraddish, onions.
    Fruits Bananas, avacado, oranges, cherries, pears. Fruits and vegetables are perishable, but to extend their availability in market all round the year, they are harvested and stored in proper storage conditions. The temperature of storage is important in maintaining the shelf life of the freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. In order to maintain their marketable life, they undergo certain post-harvest treatments such as injecting growth regulators, applying fungicides, bactericides, wax emulsion, ethylene absorbents, etc. Although storing helps in the availability of occasional fruits throughout the year, there is some amount of loss of freshness and quality.

    Serves the best for-First come, First Take Because your body is also a gift of nature, it is designed in a way which reacts to the changing season and acts accordingly. Treating it with seasonal foods at the correct time and correct proportion will only complement your health for better.

    The occasional delights are natures gifts that you can take advantage in abundance if only availed when nature's clock shows It's Time .

    Foods that hydrate us
    "If there is Magic on planet, it is contained in water."

    Every living organismin this world is made up of water. Living a week without food is possible, but without water, not more than 2 days. As water also contains certain minerals called osmolites (compounds that maintain cell fluid balance) like calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium; it becomes water's responsibility to carry out vital cellular functions. However, the concentration of these osmolites is decisive of how our body functions. When this concentration of osmolites, increases due to lack of water, our body generates a physiological signal called Thirst.

    There is always a need to maintain a positive water balance not only during medical conditions like fever, pregnancy or gastroenteritis etc., but also to stay fit and healthy on a daily basis; and avoid losing body fluids in the form of dehydration, extensive perspiration or loose motions!

    Why only drink it...eat water!
    Water in itself is not the only one that hydrates our body. This is a world full of foods (fruits and vegetables) that provide us with much needed water. And what is more, unlike drinking plain water, these foods are rich in water content and also very much tasty plus mouth-watering. So let us have a look at what we have in store, to not lose the essentials and stay hydrated!

    Apples and Pears: People conscious about weight share a special relationship with apples because it imparts low calories. More significantly, 84% of the total weight of the fruit is of water. Belonging to the same family as apples, pears are also one of the richest sources of water, with about 87% water by weight

    Oranges: A citrus fruit, with great source of vitamin C and dietary fiber, holds 87% of water by weight. Apart from Vitamin C, it's packed with Vitamin B, Calcium, copper and Potassium.

    Watermelon: Watermelon, a summer fruit, is made up of 96% of water. Each bite of a watermelon provides us with lots of antioxidants, Lycopenes (a chemical that gives watermelon its pigment) and amino acids. The redder the watermelon becomes, the higher is the Lycopene concentration, which is known to prevent heart disease.

    Strawberry: Widely appreciated for a charismatic aroma and juicy texture, strawberries are made up of 92% of water.

    Pineapple: Pineapple is a tropical fruit and a compulsory member of fruit salads. With vitamin C loaded in it, 87% of its weight is because of the water in it.

    Cucumber and Lettuce: The two most basic and mandatory members of a salad, they are known for their fibrous content and low carbs. Another most important thing they are known for is the amount of water they withhold, 96%!

    Tomato: Botanically a fruit, Tomato is used worldwide in innumerably different recipes. As far as the nutritional fact goes, a Tomato contains 95% water and 4% carbohydrate.

    Spinach: A flowering plant, Spinach is very famous for its high Retinoic acid and iron content. But least known and best cherished is its water content, which is actually 92%

    Radish: Radish, an edible root vegetable, is mostly eaten raw as a salad vegetable. It is an effective vegetable to cure jaundice, piles, constipation, urinary and kidney disorders. However, what makes this vegetable feature in this list is its 95% water content.

    Fruits and vegetables are nature's gift for sustenance. Meanwhile, water is the central axis around which the entire life force revolves. It is the balance one needs to find between gifts bestowed on humans and the life force, to lead a healthy hydrated life!


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