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Top 10 Benefits of Full-Body Checkups

Top 10 Benefits of Full-Body Checkups

Posted By Rupa Jaiswal Posted on Dec 19, 2021

Good health is an asset that most of us take for granted. When we have good health, we can live a thriving lifestyle and fulfill all those life ambitions that we set for ourselves. However, when our health fails, we experience setbacks, and for most, life can come to a complete halt as well.

Top 10 Benefits of Full-Body Checkups

A full-body checkup is the means to measure and maintain our good health. We can keep diseases at bay and live a regular life by getting the inside story of our daily metabolism. The involved benefits of full-body checkups outweigh every con that you can think of, and you must make the tests a part of your well-being moving forward.

10 benefits of a full-body checkup

  • An excellent tool of preventive medicine

What if you could track, detect, and manage a disease even before the advent of its first symptom? A full-body health checkup is how you can do that. A few parameters start deviating from the expected count as soon as a disease begins mushrooming in our bodies. For example, fever is a symptom of an infection. But our WBC count rises first in response to an infection, and we can track that with full-body tests. In addition, any illness is curable with the proper medication, and an early intervention limits the complications of the disease.

  • It makes better financial sense

Continuing with the infection example, you can track your WBC count with simple health checkup packages like the Thyrocare Aarogyam B test, the cost of which is INR 950. In addition, any infection is treatable during the early stages using broad-spectrum oral antibiotics, and you rarely need hospitalization.

However, if the infection is untreated because the fever took a long time to show itself, the condition might turn serious. Hospitalization in such a case might cost you around INR 30,000 per day to treat the disease. Full-body checkups are thus sensible investments.

  • Effective in delaying or managing genetic diseases

There are some diseases that we inherit from our parents. And their onset is inevitable because the conditions exist within our genes. Therefore, the only way to detect and manage such infections is to undergo a full-body checkup periodically and remain under the guidance of an expert physician.

Even if you do not have the complete medical history of your family, the right set of tests can help detect a genetic disease. Today, we have medicines and healthcare technologies to counter the effects of such conditions.

  • Early intervention with lifestyle diseases

Diabetes, for example, has become a lifestyle disease. Our sedentary habits combined with sugar-laden processed foods have made diabetes and obesity the two most common conditions affecting humankind. Proper health checkup packages include the necessary tests for diabetes, and your doctor can detect its onset by keeping track of your insulin levels. With early intervention, diabetes is a manageable disease. If you make the required lifestyle changes, you might not need medication at all.

  • Detecting and treating environmental diseases

The environment we live in can make us sick as well. For instance, you can get exposed to arsenic during one of your vacations to a distant place or might pick up lead or cadmium poisoning during your job in a heavy metals factory. Comprehensive full-body tests like the Thyrocare Aarogyam 1.3 are the only way to detect toxic elements in your blood. The complete report helps the doctor flush out the heavy metal from your body and monitor the poison's effects on your organs.

  • Manage the risks of preventable diseases

In most cases, anemia or the lack of red blood cells in the blood is a preventable disease. It happens either due to an iron deficiency or vitamin B12 deficiency. Severely anemic patients need frequent blood transfusions, while brain damage or coma is a likely occurrence in chronic cases. A full-body checkup will immediately reveal the iron or vitamin B12 levels in your blood. A few supplements combined with a proper diet can reverse anemia. Similarly, regular checkups can help manage other preventable diseases and eliminate unnecessary suffering from your life.

  • Prevent misdiagnosis due to confusing symptoms

Differential diagnosis is a strategy that doctors use to diagnose complicated diseases. Here, the doctors look at symptoms and eliminate diseases that might be affecting the patient. Misdiagnosis happens when two or more conditions cause the same symptoms and leave the doctors confused about which disease might be causing the sickness. A regular full-body test prevents such an instance. If you have undergone the tests annually, the doctors will have information on the disease's progress and treat you right by diagnosing correctly.

  • Receive better deals on health insurance

There is no doubt that all of us should have health coverage. But the deal we get depends mainly on our current health and age. With full-body checkups like the Thyrocare Aarogyam 1.3, you can extract a better deal from the insurance provider by proving that your internal health is in top shape.

As a result, you might get better coverage for a low premium and maximize the benefits when you need to make a claim. In addition, the full-body test report can become your asset on the negotiation table.

  • Make crucial lifestyle choices

The health checkup packages available at the reputed diagnostic centers give you a snapshot of your overall underlying health. In addition, you can get a full-body test done without a prescription to monitor the regular functioning of your body.

  • Live stress-free

Worrying about failing health is natural. For many of us, our income depends on our good health. But a full-body checkup can enable you to live a stress-free life where you know that you are monitoring your health or managing a disease right. In addition, you can take preventable actions by intervening early.

You can use the advantages of modern medicine to cure a disease. You no longer have to stay in the dark about your health and keep the worries alive. Instead, opt for a holistic Thyrocare health checkup package and get into the habit of tracking your good health.

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