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The Best Cardio Workout for Healthy Heart

Posted By HealthcareOnTime Team Posted on 2022-04-18 Exercise For A Healthy Heart

Sedentary lifestyle a facet behind many health problems and non- communicable diseases. Though for many of us, this way of living becomes inevitable, (especially if your work environment calls for it) what it brings along is an array of diseases and conditions that majorly revolve around one important organ in our body - Heart. What follows is taking due care in eating healthy foods and avoiding foodstuff which are critical to your heart's health. But what about the contribution towards its health through physical activity? Here, we would like to discuss one way of making your heart healthy which usually by many of us is ignored - Exercise!

How will your heart benefit?

Regular exercise in any form has many favourable effects on our body; right from reducing weight, blood pressure to elimin ating the harmful effects of many risk factors of disea ses related to our heart.

When it comes to your heart, exercise can

  • Help strengthen your heart and the cardiovascular system
  • Increase good cholesterol levels
  • Decrease bad cholesterol levels
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Aid in proper utilisation of oxygen by your body
  • Increase levels of energy
  • Increase its (heart's) endurance
  • Help in lowering blood pressure

How to get yourself started?

Not all workouts are healthy for your heart. If you are a heart patient, it is important to have your doctor's consent before you take up any exercise regimen. These would include factors such as,

Enlisting the safe exercises:

Speak with your doctor about the type of exercises you can do considering your present health conditions.

Understanding any need to change medications:

Medications can have their own way of responding to exercises. In such cases, if the medications so prescribed have any effect on the regimen, you will be accordingly instructed on the type of exercises safe for your heart

Which exercise will suit best?

Aerobic exercises - Most recommended

Aerobic exercises are the ones which utilise and make large muscles work out in a continuous and rhythmic manner.

Duration of 10-15 mins or 30 mins twice a day of aerobic exercises has a great impact on improving your heart's health.

Walk it out!

A form of aerobic exercises again, 'Walking' is the most easy, safe and inexpensive way of keeping yourself and your heart fit. Either you can choose to have a regimen of morning walks or get your walking time by walking to work, nearby marketplace and short distances which you would otherwise use a vehicle.


This is a best way for slow lengthening of the muscles. In fact, stretching your legs and arms even before and after heavy exercise regime can help in preparing the muscles for other activities and help in preventing any injury or muscle strain. Regular stretching exercises can also increase your motion range and flexibility.

Hit the pool

Swimming is yet another way to work out which your heart will love (and lungs too!). Leisure swimming though has its own benefits, you may still go a step ahead by trying proper 'Lane swimming' which will comprise of trying different swim techniques (again should be practiced only after your doctor's consultation), event-ually increasing the length covered in each stretch of swimming, etc.


While most of us give up this childhood favourite activity, cycling is a best way to reduce your risk to many heart conditions. Cycling utilises huge muscle groups in your legs which helps in improving your cardiovascular fitness and burn calories. What's more! Cycling is also found to be effective for your mental health.

Exercise while at work

If your job makes you to sit in one place for long hours, the time you may get for any movement will be minimal. But worry not, you can still continue to do some mild exercises like stretching, walking to a colleague to discuss any topic, taking stairs instead of elevators, etc. to make up for the sedentary schedule.

What should be kept in mind during the exercise

- Do not over exert, this may cause your heart to receive less oxygen which can be fatal.
- Ensure to follow a proper sequence of warming up before exercise and cooling down post exercise. This will help in avoiding feeling dizzy or light-headed.

The effect of exercise programs so followed is not something to be relied on completely for reducing risk towards heart diseases. Following proper lifestyle modifications like adequate intake of nutritious foods, avoidance of addictive habits like smoking, alcoholism and binge eating is essential. Again, you don't have to be an athlete to keep yourself and your heart healthy; a brisk walk even for 30 min can also equally work wonders. The choice of staying fit is yours, with these heart friendly exercises !

Facts on Heart friendly Exercises

Did you know?

Physical activity is an important way of preventing heart related diseases and stroke

Healthy heart with 30 mins a day!

Moderate physical activity of almost 30 mins (divided in 10 to 15 mins of each session) can improve your cardiovascular health

Aerobics to lower your Blood Pressure

Spending 40 mins in moderate to vigorous aerobics activity like jogging, walking, swimming can help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Start at comfortable pace

If not been physically active for long time, then start at a comfortable pace, slowly increasing the intensity of work out each day

Doc Talk

Consult your doctor about the type and amount of physical activity that is right for you

Stress buster

While stress hormones burden your heart, exercises like aerobics, yoga will help you and your heart relax


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