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How Thyrocare provides quality reports in minimum time

How Thyrocare provides quality reports in minimum time?

Posted By Rupa Jaiswal Posted on Jan 27, 2021

Faster than the fastest. Speed becomes a very important parameter in building a national business focused on diagnosis as it affect the reporting time and stability of the specimen being transported to the medical lab .

How Thyrocare provides quality reports in minimum time

The promise to deliver quality report in minimum time , ensuring the speed and reach , is maintained by : > Air cargo logistics > A 24 X 7 full functional laboratory > It enabled systems .The efficient connectivity of this system makes sure that >90% of sample reaching the lab floor are reported within 4 - 8 hours . Also , the continously functioning lab floor coupled with our automations , bi - directional interfacing , indigenous systems provide efficient , error - free processing and data transfer .

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The laboratory primarily works in the night like the newspaper industry . In the newspaper industry the news is collected in the day and processed in the lboratory during the night . In other words , the samples not only reach the laboratory faster but the processing also is completed swiftly , considerably bringing down the turnaround time of reporting .

Thyrocare believes, any service in healthcare is a service to mankind and hence exhibiting utmost sincerity and perfection in providing the same is a necessity .Having born 24 years back the journey of 10 samples a day to 60,000, 200 sq.ft laboratory to 200,000 sq.ft, one employee to 1000 , Rs.2 lakh valuation to Rs . 4000 crores , has been nothing short of a roller coster ride and the company believes it has just begun its journey .

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